Beware: Mars In Scorpio Will Bring An Intense Time

Take note: Mars, the planet of action, aggression, and sex, enters its home sign of Scorpio on October 12 and will remain there until November 24. When Mars swims in the water sign Scorpio, we begin to rely on our instincts as a form of guidance and protection. Our confidence will be high, allowing us to have fortitude in moments of strife, as we ride along the rapturous waves of Mars in Scorpio period and dive into the deep end.

Mars in Scorpio utilises the intense energy to its advantage. According to Bri Luna, owner of The Hoodwitch and author of Blood Sex Magic: Everyday Magic for the Modern Mystic, this transit is “an intense time” that “inspires us to grow and motivates us to make necessary shifts that can take us to the next level of success.” This is the time to take action and to make plans about how we can make our dreams a reality. “With the right amount of dedication we can achieve anything we put our minds to,” says Luna. “Nothing and no one can stand in our way of attaining greatness, not even ourselves.”

The placement of Mars in Scorpio brings a need for success and the drive to get it. But it can also induce jealousy, manipulative behaviour and cause us to act out of character: we must win at all costs. Scorpio is one of the three zodiac signs that has two planetary rulers, and we can see the energy of the other ruling planet come through. Mars is the traditional ruler and Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio — which is why this placement feels comfortable in evolving and growing. Luna notes that “nothing can hold Mars in Scorpio back from taking the lead, as it’s very productive and completes tasks swiftly and with ease.” There is a brooding energy, a force to be reckoned with.

When it comes to relationships, Mars in Scorpio is persistent. This cosmic sentiment pushes us to fight for who we love and in their defence. Loyalty is a must, since Mars takes on a ride-or-die vibe. We can expect our gut to unite us with others and to tell us to run away from the people that rub us the wrong way. Even though Mars in Scorpio is a warrior, it isn’t super talkative or chatty — so watch out for pent up aggressions to come out in frustrated arguments, followed by total silence or ghosting. Mars in Scorpio makes big declarations and follows up their statements with action, not words.

Sex activates Mars in Scorpio. Fantasies are awakened, kinks are brought to life, experimentation with sex toys is encouraged, and passions are alight in our boudoirs. Our sexual appetites will be hungry for extra lovin’ so be sure to pleasure oneself when the moment strikes and feels right.

In tarot, the Five of Cups aligns with Mars in Scorpio. It warns us to not take our blessings for granted. Even though situations seem challenging, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Perseverance and resilience are key. The card is telling us to not let setbacks prevent us from reaching our goals. The presence of the three overturned cups and the two cups right side up reminds us not to dwell and to see the positive in a bad situation.

Important dates for Mars in Scorpio:

October 12: Mars enters Scorpio, pushing us to attain our aspirations.

October 13: Mars in Scorpio harmonises with Saturn retrograde in Pisces, urging us to use our authoritative demeanour to set boundaries.

October 28: Mars in Scorpio opposes Jupiter retrograde in Taurus (the same day as the lunar eclipse in Taurus), expanding our desires and emotions.

October 29: Mars and Mercury firm up a conjunction in Scorpio, bringing vigor to our words.

November 18: Mars and the sun unite in Scorpio, creating the “cazimi” effect. This is an empowering time to take charge of matters.

November 21: Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn link up, heightening our desires and need for change.

November 24: Mars glides into Sagittarius, taking on an adventurous attitude.

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Money Diary: A Primary School Teacher In Leeds On £33.8k

Welcome to Money Diaries where we are tackling the ever-present taboo that is money. We’re asking real people how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we’re tracking every last penny.

This week: “I’m a 28-year-old primary school teacher, living in a suburb of Leeds. I now live alone after buying a house with a partner and subsequently breaking up. I took on all the house expenses, which allowed him to move out and get a new place (while the re-mortgage completed), as I will be staying in the house on a solo mortgage. Taking on the expenses of the house on my own has been a stretch, but it is so satisfying to work on a house that is your own and I feel so grateful to be in this position. I am trying to take my spending more seriously as I have a lot less disposable income now. This is hard in the summer holidays with so much free time to fill. I’m hoping this money diary will be a good chance to reflect on my outgoings.”

Occupation: Primary school teacher
Industry: Education
Age: 28
Location: Leeds
Salary: £33,850
Paycheque Amount: £2,012.50
Number of housemates: None
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses

Housing costs: £731.19. After we split, I took over all the costs of the house, including the full mortgage payment. I am in the process of switching from a joint to a solo mortgage, which will reduce this payment, with the help of my parents.
Loan payments: £49 student loan.
Savings?: £1,500 emergency fund for the house, £10,000 in an ISA and about £900 in a separate savings account for an upcoming trip to Mexico.
Pension?: 8.6% of my gross salary. I don’t think about my pension much — I was automatically enrolled at the percentage I currently pay and have been paying into it for five years.
Utilities: £28 water, £134 gas/electric, £124 council tax, £22.44 house insurance, £24 Virgin Media.
All other monthly payments: £29.99 gym.
Subscriptions: £9.99 Twinkl; £8.99 Amazon Prime.

Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it?
I got student loans to cover the fees, as well as some living expenses. The loan didn’t completely cover my housing, so my parents also contributed each month. I also worked waitressing shifts over the holidays to cover my extra living costs.

Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money?
My parents are very money savvy, particularly my dad, and they’ve always extolled the virtues of saving. My mum is more relaxed about spending and encourages me to spend on things like holidays and time with friends. Neither of them are materialistic and prefer to spend money on activities, which I’m trying to emulate by reducing my spending on clothes and so on.

If you have, when did you move out of your parents’/guardians’ house?
I moved out when I was 18 for university. The summer that I finished, I moved back in for about five months.

At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself? Does anyone else cover any aspects of your financial life?
I became financially independent aged 22 when I moved back to Leeds, where I was waitressing, as well as volunteering in a school while I secured a school-based job in Leeds.

What was your first job and why did you get it?
My first job was waitressing at weddings and events during college and university holidays. I applied for the job as a friend worked there and absolutely loved it for nearly five years.

Do you worry about money now?
Yes! Since I have taken on the costs of the house myself, I worry lots about money, especially as my parents are helping me to take on the mortgage on my own. I feel a huge responsibility towards them and want to be respectful with my spending. I’m hoping this diary will allow me to reflect on my spending and make changes, while still maintaining my social life.

Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income?
My parents contributed £10,000 to the deposit of my current home when my ex-partner and I initially bought it. As the house is not quite within my affordability on my own, they have offered to contribute more towards the house so that I can afford the mortgage solo. While this fills me with anxiety, and feels like a huge debt to repay, I am so grateful for their offer. This money will come from my mum’s inheritance from my lovely grandad.

Day One

9am: Wake up and make a brew for my friend A. who stayed last night.

9.30am: We head downstairs and make breakfast (veggie sausages, scrambled eggs and hash browns) and talk about our plans later: a pub crawl to celebrate my birthday.

11.30am: Feeling criminally lazy and it is also raining so we Deliveroo groceries from the Co-op. We buy bits to make mini bruschetta, parmesan, crisps, lemons and orange juice, £27.14.

12pm: We start getting ready for the day, fake tan, do our makeup and drink Buck’s fizz to get in the mood.

12.30pm: We make bruschetta, tzatziki and other nibbles for the other girls who are coming over.

2pm: The other girls arrive. I give the obligatory house tour to a couple of friends who haven’t seen the house before. I feel so proud of my little home.

2.15pm: I pour some drinks and we catch up. Everyone is so excited; we haven’t done this pub crawl since university, so we’re reminiscing.

3pm: My friend and I order two Ubers and head to the first pub. Not thinking, I’ve come out without ID. The bouncers unfortunately let me straight in which hits hard. I feel haggard. Spend £9.97 on a drink.

3.20pm: I buy a round for three of us: two pints of lager and a white wine. It’s chucking it down and we decide to settle in rather than brave heading to the next place, £19.80.

5.30pm: We make it to another pub, where a friend buys me a drink. I’m sticking to the pints for now. Again, we get cosy and catch up on each other’s lives. There is no better feeling than a room full of your favourite babes.

8.30pm: We finally make it to another pub, after an obligatory trip to Greggs for a vegan sausage roll (bought by N), and a quick stop at Sainsbury’s for a vape, £8.

9pm: It’s my round, £21.90.

9.20pm: We’re at Wetherspoons. We’re all flagging a bit and decide to get some food. I order chips for the table, £12.09.

12am: We head to town. Karaoke, tequila shots and talking to boys. My phone has died (whoops!), so E buys two rounds of drinks for us.

1am: We get a taxi home.

Total: £98.90

Day Two

8.30am: Wake up violently hungover. Eat a bag of crisps and regret all my life decisions.

9.30am: A few of the girls stayed over. We all get into my bed for the debrief of the night and message the other girls to check in. It feels like we’re back at uni. We chat and snooze for the rest of the morning.

1pm: One friend heads home and the remaining three of us venture out for brunch. I get a full English and an iced coffee. It hits the spot and we’re feeling better, £14.70.

3.20pm: We check our bank accounts for the damage. I transfer E to cover one of the rounds of drinks she bought at the end of last night, £10.

7pm: After an afternoon of chatting, N leaves to drive back home. E and I agree that we need a Dominos for tea. We get a margherita pizza and cheesy garlic bread, £24.08.

9pm: We eat our food with trashy TV playing in the background and head to bed early.

Total: £48.78

Day Three

9.15am: Have yoghurt and berries for breakfast with E before she heads home. Pretty sure that eating berries cancels out the weekend. Health is wealth.

10am: I head out for a walk. On the way back, I collect my prescription from the pharmacy, £9.65.

10.20am: I pop to the shop to buy garlic bread and salad to go with dinner, and top up on fruit, £8.70

11am: Make a brew and sit down with my to-do list, which is split into work (school) and house stuff. This week, I want to do a deep clean of the house and finish decorating my living room, which requires painting my built-in cupboards and waxing the floor.

11.30am: I start the cupboards. Take all the doors off, clean them, remove the handles and paint each one. Then I paint the frame of the cupboard. This takes many hours. I stop for lunch (a spicy veg stir fry) and get back to it.

6pm: My sister G comes round after work — she stays with me one evening each week. I make us a fresh broccoli pesto served with pasta and the garlic bread. We catch up on her week and wind each other up.

9.30pm: G and I take showers, do skincare and head up to bed.  

Total: £18.35

Day Four

8am: I say goodbye to G and make breakfast of scrambled eggs and a cup of tea. I pop Molly Mae’s latest video on while I get ready. These lazy mornings are everything.

8.30am: Head to the corner shop for milk and to get out of the house. I always feel more productive at home if I’ve already been outside, £1.85.

9am: Check my phone and transfer money to a friend, P. We are off to the cinema on Thursday and she’s booked the tickets, £17.

9.10am: E and I are messaging about our Mexico trip. I book us tickets for the Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico City. E books our hotel in Tulum for the second part of our stay, £92.50 for my share (taken from my Mexico savings pot).

10am: Day two of the cupboard reno. I complete a second layer of paint over each section, agonising over the corners but still managing to get some up the wall. I put New Girl on in the background — I always need background noise to keep me motivated.

1.30pm: Get the bus into town and listen to a podcast, £2.

2.30pm: I head to Boots and at the till, I realise I’ve spent over £50. Not ideal, but I bought tinted moisturiser (on offer, so basically free!), mini shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, sun cream and mascara, £53.

3pm: Meet C in town after she finishes work. We make our way to Franco Manca and order garlic bread, olives and a drink each. We catch up about the pub crawl and she tells me about her nightmare personal trainer who spent the whole session flexing in the mirror, £13 for my share.

4pm: We head to TK Maxx. I resist the urge to buy new holiday clothes as I’m still reeling from the accidental Boots haul, but it’s so tempting. C buys fancy new haircare and I congratulate myself on my newfound frugality.

4.20pm: I buy a plant pot and the most beautiful and unnecessary lemon print dishes from Homesense. I justify this as an essential house expenditure — they will make me feel so inspired to wash up, £17.

6pm: Get the bus home, £2. When I get in, I make a satay sauce for a Quorn stir fry with lots of veggies that need using.

6.40pm: Sit down to work so it isn’t overwhelming when I go back. I re-plan my maths units and feel really accomplished.

10pm: Skincare, a few pages of a book I’m rereading, Everything I Know About Love — it is still perfect.

10.30pm: Sleep.

Total: £198.35

Day Five

7.30am: Get up and go to my favourite yoga class. I can’t go in term time as I’m in school by half seven, so I love going when I can.

9am: I feel amazing after yoga and wish that I could go every week. I walk to the big supermarket to pick up some home storage boxes to organise the cupboard and a new bra, £25.72.

11.50am: Final bits of painting complete. Screw all the door handles back into place and the cupboard is finally finished. I’m so pleased with it. I post a picture on my Insta story to show the girls — I have not stopped going on about my project so I need to share the result.

12.15pm: Brunch of scrambled eggs, veggie sausages and beans on toast.

12.30pm: Make a cup of tea and watch a romcom. What a luxurious afternoon.

2pm: I turn on the laptop and take a look at my first topic for the upcoming term: World War Two. I check and sort my resources. I’ve taught this topic before but I want to add some more local area links.

3.40pm: I am down the rabbit hole, planning a local area trip to make the learning more relevant for the children.

6.15pm: I close the laptop, buzzing with excitement about my newly resourced topic. What a saddo.

6.20pm: I wipe all the surfaces, pull out all the furniture and hoover the living room properly. Tick Big Hoover off of my to-do list and get all the serotonin.

8.30pm: I make a quick salad wrap for dinner and watch TikToks in the bath as a reward for the deep clean.

9pm: In bed with my book and a cup of tea.

Total: £25.72

Day Six

8.30am: Enjoy a lie in with a cup of tea and my book.

9am: Get the list out. Living alone, it’s easy to have days where I don’t see anyone until my friends finish work, so I try to keep myself motivated during my ‘work day’ with house decorating.

9.15am: Yoghurt, berries and banana for breakfast before I head upstairs to reorganise my wardrobe.

10am: I’ve pulled out all my clothes and I’m trying to be ruthless. I don’t have any drawers at the moment so I assemble a little shelf to sit in the bottom of the wardrobe for pyjama storage.

1pm: Lunch time: I heat tomato soup from the freezer and enjoy with a pile of buttered toast.

1.20pm: I clean the living room floor and wax the floorboards before grabbing a shower and putting on a bit of makeup.

5pm: I walk to the cinema as I’ve not moved much today. It turns out to be along a pretty main road and I regret my choice.

5.45pm: Head to KFC to get food for the cinema. Call P to get her order too. I get popcorn chicken and a burger meal, £9.98.

8.30pm: Spend the drive home discussing the movie. P drops me off and we continue messaging each other and debriefing.

9.30pm: Get in bed with my book for an early night.

Total: £9.98

Day Seven

9am: Breakfast (eggs) and a cup of tea while I watch some Peep Show. It’s time to consult the list.

9.15am: I wax the living room floorboards and feel like a DIY sensation.

11.10am: I use filler to smooth out the cracks in the walls in the hallway. This will be my next room to sort out now the living room is done.

12pm: I head to the gym. Faff about on the treadmill doing my incline walk, but really, I’m there to watch a guilt-free hour of TikTok.

1.30pm: Shower and grab a lunch of cheese and crackers, cucumber sticks and homous.

2pm: I browse a print website. Two of my lovely friends bought me vouchers for my birthday and I’m excited to start buying personal touches to make the house feel homier.

2.15pm: Stress myself out with indecision and take screenshots to send to a friend for advice.

3pm: A couple of hours of work before I get ready for this evening. I respond to some emails about maths and add to my to-do list. I am leading maths for the first time and want to do a good job.

6pm: C won free tickets to a gig tonight. I walk an hour to the venue and listen to NewlyWeds with Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing. It makes me laugh out loud.

7pm: I meet C and her friends at a new music venue that’s opened. Three of us agree to a round and C buys the first.

7.20pm: I start to get hungry and the girls have got cheesy toasties from the food van, which look amazing. I get a croque monsieur, £7.

8.10pm: We head inside to watch the band. They have the coolest saxophone player — she is everything! We rank the musical instruments from most to least sexy. All agree that acoustic guitar, à la the Kens in Barbie, is the worst. I buy a round of drinks, £16.50.

11pm: Four of us jump in a cab and head to town. We go to a bar and get a round of drinks.

12am: It’s my birthday! C grabs my ID and gets me a free birthday shot from the bar — she’s so jammy. It’s my round and I order three margaritas, £24.

12.30am: C and I head to another bar and she gets us espresso martinis. I get chatting to a nice but boring man while C speaks to his mate. Textbook.

1am (ish): Say goodbye to C, who is staying out, and get an Uber home, £22.45. Make instant noodles and take them up to bed.

Total: £69.95

The Breakdown

Food & Drink: £220.71
Clothes & Beauty: £78.72
Home & Health: £26.65
Entertainment: £17
Travel: £118.95
Other: £8

Total: £470.03


“This week was so much fun! Obviously, the pub crawl and holiday spending are out of the ordinary, however, I do struggle with budgeting when I’m off. With free time to fill, I always seem to find ways to spend. Living alone also means that I plan more with friends in the week, which means dinners, plans out or taking a bottle over to a friend’s house. I definitely spend too much on socialising and will have to consider how to curb this moving forward. In term time, it’s a lot easier to eat better and spend less!”

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29 Under-$100 Buys R29 Editors Tried & Loved In September

Not every month is so iconic that it has its own bop from Earth, Wind & Fire. (Okay, fine — I’m biased as it’s also my birthday month.) But groovy songs aside, September is a solid month all around: Summer changes into fall, back-to-school season kicks into high gear (and no, you’re never too old to get a fresh pack of Sharpies for the occasion), and cozy vibes are all around. There’s also a ton of end-of-season sales, which make it an excellent opportunity to shop — and shop we did.

For our latest installment of MVPs (that’s “Most Valuable Products,” if you’re new around here), we polled R29’s savvy team of shopping editors to divulge the best under-$100 purchases from the past month. While each month always brings new, unlikely favorites (vacuum-sealed storage bags and status laundry detergent are past stars), you can always count on solid finds across fashion, beauty, home, and more. But enough chit-chat — keep clicking for 29 things you’ll want to add to your own cart.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. All product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication. If you buy or click on something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

Anker Nano Power Bank

“Three things perturb me about portable chargers: They usually don’t hold their charges very well, nor do they fit in any of my purses — plus I have to carry an unruly cord around just to use them. This on-the-go Anker attachment, however, converted me into a portable charger lover in September. It’s tiny, sleek, and effective. My phone takes about two hours max to get to a full charge, and the lightning connector is so sturdy that I never worry about it falling out. On top of that, it’s lightweight and easy to hold. If you’re like me and always on low power mode while out on the town, spend the $30.” — Alexandra Polk, Affiliate Lifestyle Writer

Anker Nano Power Bank, $, available at Amazon

Pink Premium Fleece Half-Zip Sweatshirt

“I’m more of a half-zip gal than a hooded sweatshirt or crewneck gal, and I unexpectedly found my new favorite one from Pink. The outside is so plushy and the inside is so fuzzy and warm. I love the Chocolate Kiss shade (and particularly love that there isn’t any logo branding visible on it). It’s cute and casual, and has already become a fall staple for me.” — Victoria Montalti, Associate Affiliate Writer

Pink Premium Fleece Half-Zip Sweatshirt, $, available at Victoria’s Secret

Pleixiu Lightweight Resin Apple Watch Band 38mm 40mm 41mm

“I’ve owned my Apple Watch for a few years now, but I love to keep things fresh by switching up the band from time to time. I recently found this resin-acetate one on Amazon, and it’s a near dupe for my favorite bands from Machete. (I own a few, but they are a bit pricey!) I also like how the hardware on this budget option actually matches the champagne-metal case color of the face — and it even came with everything you need to remove links for a perfect fit.” — Karina Hoshikawa, Senior Writer

Pleixiu Lightweight Resin Apple Watch Band 38mm 40mm 41mm, $, available at Amazon

BareMinerals Mineralist Lip Gloss-Balm

“This lip gloss has been my new secret weapon for achieving the no-makeup makeup look. It’s just as moisturizing as a tinted lip balm but dresses up my lips with a shiny, lip smacker-like coat. I love the color, Heart, which is similar to the natural tint of my lips but in a slightly more enhanced, Y2K-inspired pink.” — Venus Wong, Senior Travel Writer

bareMinerals Mineralist Lip Gloss-Balm, $, available at Ulta

Vivaia Lightweight Pointed Ballet Flats

“Ballet flats are back, but I’m acutely aware that wearing any shoes all day without socks is more than a little gross. These Vivaia flats are really stylish, comfortable, lightweight, and sustainably made, but more importantly to me than all of that, I can toss them in the washing machine so I don’t smell like I live in a trash can.” — Sarah Crow, Affiliate Director

Vivaia Lightweight Pointed-Ballet Flats, $, available at Vivaia

Quince Luxury Organic Sateen Duvet Cover 

“Dare I say I met the duvet cover of my dream? Quince combined my love for silky soft blankets and checked prints into a clean, crisp windowpane duvet cover. The buttery soft sateen bedding is luxurious to the touch and is so cooling when you get into bed after a long day. My husband loves it too and cannot stop raving about how snuggly it is. Another bonus is that the duvet cover doesn’t get wrinkly after washing it like most ones.” — Vivien Lee, Affiliate Fashion Writer 

Quince Luxury Organic Sateen Duvet Cover, $, available at Quince

K18 Biomimetic Hairscience Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask

“My hair has been bleached, ironed, curled, pulled, and essentially abused for the last three decades, and it shows. The only thing that has even remotely worked to give my poor tortured hair a break is this leave-in mask from K18. It’s SO quenching without being oily or heavy, and after only four shampoos, I can actively see my fried strands coming back to life and finding their natural texture again. — Charlotte Lewis, Sexual Wellness Content Producer/Writer

K18 K18 Leave In Molecular Repair Mask, $, available at Sephora

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skin Care Milk SPF50+

“I spent the last couple of days traveling in sunny LA (and managed to get through a heatwave), and the only suncare product I brought with me is this trusty Japanese suncare milk. It’s on the higher end of the scale price-wise but is worth every penny. The formula is matte and super lightweight and doesn’t make my skin break out or leave a white cast on my face. My skin never burns when I have this on, thanks to the high SPF factor and PA levels that guard both UVA and UVB rays. It has been my favorite sunscreen for almost a decade now. Trust me, try this out and you’ll never go back.” — Venus Wong, Senior Travel Writer

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skin Care Milk, $, available at Amazon

Bark Burn Book

“I already knew my dog’s fur was full of secrets — but now I know why. To celebrate October 3rd, I gifted my sweet Miso his very own Burn Book earlier this month. While you can’t currently buy the iconic tome à la carte, it comes free with any BarkBox subscription for a limited time. I think it’s safe to say that he’s definitely made ‘fetch’ happen.” — Karina Hoshikawa, Senior Writer

BARK Burn Book, $, available at Barkshop

Abercrombie & Fitch Denim Column Maxi Skirt 

“As someone with a longer torso than legs, I thought maxi skirts would never work on me. However, Abercrombie & Fitch’s Denim Column Maxi Skirt changed my mind. The skirt doesn’t engulf my body and is fun to wear when it’s cold, but I don’t want to shimmy into jeans. The maxi hits a little above my ankle, and unlike other heavy denim skirts, it’s lightweight.” — Vivien Lee, Affiliate Fashion Writer 

Abercrombie & Fitch Denim Column Maxi Skirt, $, available at Abercrombie & Fitch

Stick Season

“It’s officially sad indie folk season, and it’s also light all the candles, listen to sad guitar sounds all night, and stay cozy season. At the top of my roster is my 2023 obsession — this man can sing sweet nothings about Vermont winters to me all night long. (Perhaps surprisingly, it doesn’t feel too far removed from grey, drizzly London where I live.) It’s rather old school, but I like buying and listening to new favorites on CD as it’s another way to stay off my phone and minimize screen time.” — Esther Newman, Affiliate Writer & Content Producer

Noah Kahan Stick Season, $, available at Amazon

Westman Atelier Vital Skincare Complexion Drops

“I am not a makeup girly, but I absolutely trust Westman Atelier with my life (and skin). In my 33 years on earth, I’ve never purchased a foundation, but I’ve been looking for a little something to even out my complexion when I attend weddings and evening work/life events. When I’m not wearing a tinted SPF during the day, I’ve been loving these complexion drops by Westman Atelier. The consistency is quite liquidy, but a little goes a long way and gives a really pretty and natural light coverage when I blend it out with the brand’s Blender Brush, it melts so well on top of my moisturizer, and my makeup sits really nicely on top of it.” — Kate Spencer, Senior Affiliate Partnerships Manager

Westman Atelier Vital Skincare Complexion Drops, $, available at Sephora

ZHIAI 3-Drawer Acrylic Makeup Organizer

“At 35, I finally have my dream vanity set up, which means it can’t just be functional — it also has to look pretty. As a makeup girlie who has extreme product overload, I love the idea of neatly tucking everything away and keeping the surface clear, but my pre-caffeinated self doesn’t have the time or patience to rifle through every drawer to find everything I need for my daily lewk. Instead, my go-to products end up strewn across my vanity, totally ruining my organized vibe. This organizer makes me feel like my setup is still Pinterest-worthy, while effortlessly containing everything I need to get ready in the morning. Plus, how cute is the trim?” — Charlotte Lewis, Sexual Wellness Content Producer/Writer

ZHIAI Makeup Organizer Acrylic Cosmetic Storage Drawers, $, available at Amazon

Quince Italian Leather Handwoven Crossbody

“I bought a version of this bag in blue last year and have literally used it every day since. It’s one of those deceptively big crossbodies that holds all the essentials without being bulky. Since my blue purse is hitting its one-year mark, I wanted to upgrade to something for the winter months that feels a bit more richer in tone. I like the texture of the woven version of the bag, and the green that feels a bit darker (but still plenty bright!). I haven’t used the new one that much but the size is identical to my trusty blue one, which I kept stuffed with a guidebook, wallet, phone, sunglasses, and lip balm in Japan earlier this year. For my normal life, I can fit all that (minus the guidebook) plus car keys and AirPods and, if I want to really Tetris it all in there, my Kindle.” — Marshall Bright, Affiliate Editor

Quince Italian Leather Handwoven Crossbody, $, available at Quince

Year & Day Big Bowls

“I love a good bowl. I actually feel like everyone has a bowl soulmate out there that will change their lives. Mine happens to be Year & Day’s terracotta dish. I have a set of four and they’re sturdy (may or may not occasionally clunk them too hard in the sink), easy to clean, and spacious. And the best part? They don’t make that piercing scrape sound when I use my stainless steel flatware. Score this set and your salads, rice bowls, and takeout will thank you.” — Alexandra Polk, Affiliate Lifestyle Writer

Year & Day Big Bowls, $, available at Year & Day

Summersalt The Plush Velour Relaxed Crew + Jogger

“If you’re searching for a new lounge set, look no further. I found my snuggly crew neck and jogger set from Summersalt, and I’m proud to declare that it’s the only one I’ll be wearing this cozy season. I chose the dark chocolate hue to exude a cuddly teddy bear, and I’m obsessed. The super soft velour emits a chic retro flair. I’ve worn it from the bed to go on errands, to pick up packages downstairs, and as my permanent WFH uniform. The slightly oversized fit and stretchy elastic bottoms are a must-have within your lounge collection.” — Vivien Lee, Affiliate Fashion Writer 

Summersalt The Plush Velour Relaxed Crew, $, available at Summersalt

Summersalt The Plush Velour Jogger, $, available at Summersalt

Papier Palette Pencil Case

I recently started using this pleather pencil case as a travel wallet, and it has quickly become a packing essential: it’s very lightweight but roomy and flat enough to keep my passports, keys, spare change, and beauty essentials in one place. I’m so forgetful that it really helps to have everything in one grab-and-go pouch. True to Papier’s branding, the colorblock design (it’s lavender on the other side) is so eye-catching and chic, and I love that it says “Artist’s Tools” on the cover.” — Venus Wong, Senior Travel Writer

Papier Palette Pencil Case, $, available at Papier

Aritzia Olive Micro Pleated Skirt 

“Aritzia is one of my favorite brands to shop for mini skirts — I own four. I find all of them to be at a comfortable length to sit and freely move about in. My latest one is the Olive Micro Pleated Skirt in heather medium grey. It’s high-waisted, made from recycled materials for a smooth finish, and has a pretty A-line flare.” — Vivien Lee, Affiliate Fashion Writer 

Aritzia Olive Micro Pleated Skirt, $, available at Aritzia

Zara Striped Shirt With Necktie

“The quality of this shirt is top-tier. The fabric is sturdy and structural like classic menswear, and the deep brown colorway is just as rich in person (even after a wash). I bought it over the summer and it is slowly becoming a staple in my wardrobe — whenever I want to elevate a casual outfit, I bust out this Zara gem. Just make sure to size up, especially if you have a larger bust.” — Alexandra Polk, Affiliate Lifestyle Writer

Zara Striped Crop Shirt with Necktie, $, available at Zara

From Great Origins Jasmine Tea K-Cup Pods 

“As an active tea drinker, I tend to rely on my Fellow tea kettle, while my coffee-drinking husband gravitates towards our Keurig. However, my husband found me these ones for tea. From Great Origin’s Jasmine Tea K-Cup Pods has become my favorite because of its subtle sweet taste and green tea goodness. It brews the perfect amount for me, and I love how I don’t have to throw away the tea bags or have loose leaves floating around.” — Vivien Lee, Affiliate Fashion Writer 

From Great Origins Organic Jasmine Tea K-Cup Pods, $, available at Amazon

Grown Alchemist Body Cream

“Cold weather is almost here, which means my skin is soon going to need some extra TLC. If you’re in the market for a luxurious body lotion with an unoffensive scent — and a beautiful bottle that you won’t mind keeping out on your counter — this is the cream for you. I love the way the scent is slightly citrusy and clean smelling without being overly perfume-y, and the product itself is super rich but seeps into the skin really nicely without leaving a greasy residue.” — Kate Spencer, Senior Affiliate Partnerships Manager

Grown Alchemist Body Cream, $, available at Grown Alchemist

The Skinsheet Cleansing Coins

“If you were obsessed with those little gelatin capsule sponge toys as a kid, I can all but guarantee you’ll love The Skinsheet like I do. I’ve been bringing these along whenever I’m away from home overnight, and I’m pretty obsessed: you just add a little water, they unfold into a 10 x 10-inch single-use washcloth, and are great for gently exfoliating and removing makeup without taking up much space in your makeup bag, with the whole stack measuring about the same size as a roll of quarters.” — Sarah Crow, Affiliate Director

The Skinsheet The Cleansing Coins, $, available at Joanna Czech

Buck Mason Pima Boxy Crew

“The search for my dream white tee is finally over: this Pima cotton T-shirt from Buck Mason is super well-made and feels so gentle on the skin. The fit and neckline design are pretty much perfect: not too loose or revealing, but not so high that it feels restrictive. The fabric is breathable without looking see-through, like a soft T-shirt that has been worn and laundered many times over. I have been wearing it with my favorite sweater vests and it’s basically been my go-to fall fashion combo.” — Venus Wong, Senior Travel Writer

Buck Mason White Pima Boxy Crew, $, available at Buck Mason

Avaline Pinot Noir

The second I hear a celebrity is attached to a brand, I’m immediately skeptical, but I will say that I’ve been very into Cameron Diaz’s wine line, Avaline, as of late, especially its new Pinot Noir. It’s pretty inexpensive, it’s not acidic, the bottles are nicely designed, and everyone I’ve given it to as a gift — many of my admittedly wine-snobby friends included — have really enjoyed it. I’m also incredibly particular about any type of sparkling wine and I find the brand’s bubbly really delicious — tiny little bubbles, not sweet, and certainly better for my bank account balance than most of the bougie sparkling wines I usually like.” — Sarah Crow, Affiliate Director

Avaline Pinot Noir, $, available at Avaline

Popsockets Pokémon Eevee PopOut

“I can be a bit clumsy with my phone and have dropped it more times than I’d like to admit. I’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with Popsockets, but I have recently welcomed them back into my life with the recent Pokémon collab. Unless you have the funds to gotta catch ’em all, I’m going with my day-one favorite: Eevee, who looks so happy floating on this majestic cloud, no?” — Karina Hoshikawa, Senior Writer

PopSockets Pokémon – Eevee PopOut, $, available at PopSockets

Nuuly Clothing Rental Subscription

“I’ve officially hit my two-year mark with Nuuly, and I don’t foresee myself quitting any time soon. For under $100, I can swap out six clothing items in my wardrobe every month, which I’ve found is the best low-cost way to try out a seasonal fashion trend without participating in fast fashion. My fave rental this month? A mod-inspired plaid mini dress from Lisa Says Gah, which made me feel like I stepped out of an episode of Mad Men.” — Charlotte Lewis, Sexual Wellness Content Producer/Writer

Nuuly Nuuly Monthly Clothing Rental, $, available at Nuuly

Lush Sticky Dates Shower Gel

“Lush’s yummy combination of date syrup, vanilla, and sweet sandalwood is transforming my autumn morning routine. Now I don’t hate getting up in the encroaching dark so much and my showers feel so much more luxe.” — Esther Newman, Affiliate Writer & Content Producer

Lush Sticky Dates Shower Gel, $, available at Lush

Forever21 Kuromi Rhinestone Necklace

“Where are my fellow Sanrio fans? Forever21’s Hello Kitty collaboration made my eyes sparkle in September — specifically, this Kuromi necklace. It pairs well with so many of my outfits, and the length is super customizable because of its chain. On some days it’s a choker, other days it swings past my collarbone. I deem it the perfect affordable gift for a Kuromi-obsessed friend or simply a joyous addition to jewelry boxes everywhere.” — Alexandra Polk, Affiliate Lifestyle Writer

Forever21 Kuromi Rhinestone Necklace, $, available at Forever21

Joon Sumac Scalp Scrub and Exfoliating Shampoo

“I don’t mean to body shame myself here, but I’m relatively certain my scalp is generally about 24 hours away from being classified as a Superfund site on any given day. A friend of mine recommended this Sumac Scalp Scrub from Joon Haircare and I’m hooked. It smells deliciously minty, it exfoliates my scalp well enough that it’s neither oily nor flaky anymore (I typically use it once or twice a week), and the exfoliant is fine enough that it washes out super easily and doesn’t ever leave me wondering when I tossed a handful of sand into my hair.” — Sarah Crow, Affiliate Director

Joon Haircare Sumac Scalp Scrub and Exfoliating Shampoo, $, available at Joon Haircare

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Dog Moms & Coffee Snobs, This Exclusive Promo Code Is For You

Super Sale AlertGet 20% off sitewide at Grounds & Hounds using our promo code R2920, now through October 19.

When you’re doing a trivia night at a random bar and the question is, “What two things are millennials stereotypically obsessed with?,” please think back to the article you’re reading right now, because I, a Gen-Z-millennial-cusp writer, have the answer that will win you that $50 gift card and the admiration of your teammates alike: dogs and coffee. Enter: Grounds & Hounds, the brand that has seamlessly united the two with its fantastic coffee blends, a portion of the profits from which give back to dog shelters in need. Offering 100% organic Arabica beans from specialty growers in countries like Nicaragua, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, and Colombia, the brand’s lineup includes a wide variety of roasts (from light to dark) and delicious flavors (like chocolate peanut butter). Curious to taste? R29 readers can get their favorite blend (or anything else on site) for 20% off with the R29-exclusive promo code R2920. Not only are these blends beloved by hundreds of reviewers but they’ve even earned the coveted approval of the shopping team’s self-proclaimed coffee snob, senior strategist Kate Spencer.

Other than its tasty small batch roasts, Grounds & Hounds’ core mission is animal philanthropy, with 20% of all profits helping to fund rescue initiatives. To date, the brand has provided 4.2 million meals, 22,000 vaccines, 16,000 microchips, 24,000 toys, and more to animal shelters throughout the United States. So, when you purchase from the brand, you’re not only getting a delicious cup of joe to start your day with, you’re also helping a pup in need — and that’s enough to make any morning a good one in our books.


Rescue Roast, $15.99 $12.80

Tasting Notes: Caramel, toasted pecan, dark chocolate, and red currant

Roast: Medium

Rescue Roast is one of Grounds & Hounds’ bestselling blends, with a 5 out of 5-star rating and 224 reviews. The blend is beloved not only for its incredibly smooth flavor but also its mission: 100% of the profits are donated to a different rescue organization every month. The R29 shopping team’s resident coffee connoisseur, Kate Spencer, had her own glowing review to share, too. Spencer, who ground the beans fresh, added a double shot from her espresso machine, and topped it with steamed oat milk, describes the taste as “much smoother and more neutral than I expected (in a good way) and perfect for any kind of coffee drinker,” calling herself “pretty impressed” by the full experience.


Pumpkin Spice, $14.99 $12

Tasting Notes: Pumpkin pie, cinnamon, vanilla, and graham crackers

Roast: Medium

Why go to Starbucks when you’ve got your very own Pumpkin Spice coffee at home? Reviewers don’t just love the taste, they also say “one can actually smell the aroma of pumpkin in the air while it’s brewing.” This seasonal blend from Grounds & Hounds is available as whole beans, ground coffee, and single-serve pods. While it can be prepared practically any way, you’ll get the best taste using a French press or drip brewer.


Founder’s Blend, $16.99 $13.60

Tasting Notes: Chocolate chip cookies, caramel, blueberries, and walnut

Roast: Medium light

Described as “approachable and complex,” Grounds & Hounds’ Founder’s Blend is a light roast blend that’s earned high praise from 89 reviewers — all of whom have rated it a 5-star experience in a cup. It combines the brand’s best organic beans from specialty growers in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, and Colombia for a light, floral, and sweet taste with a hint of savory flavor.


Chocolate Peanut Butter, $14.99 $12

Tasting Notes: Chocolate peanut butter cup, vanilla, graham cracker, and blueberry

Roast: Medium dark

This is your perfect blend if you’re a total sucker for Reese’s. With a near-perfect rating and 153 reviews, the cup this blend brews is a smooth, rich, and sweet one. The brand recommends brewing it via French press, drip, or cold brew methods.


Lovable Blend, $15.99 $12.80

Tasting Notes: Toffee, marshmallow, toasted vanilla, and milk chocolate

Roast: Medium dark

Inspired by the countless pit bulls in shelters awaiting a forever home, Lovable is a sweet and rich blend that focuses on bringing awareness to anti-breed-specific legislation initiatives. The beans — sourced from Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Peru — are best brewed via French press, pour-over, and drip methods. With a perfect rating and 112 reviews, the 100% organic coffee is described as having a “clean and flavorful taste.”


Taste of the Season Pod Bundle, $52.99 $42.40

If all you’ve got is a Keurig brewer, worry not! Grounds & Hounds has thought of your needs, too (which — let’s be real — not a lot of specialty coffee brands do). Not only does the brand have most of their blends available in single-serve pods, but they’ve also put together a season-appropriate bundle. It includes four medium-roast blends: Caramel Swirl, Cinnamon Roll, Italian Hazelnut, and Madagascar Vanilla.


Three Blend Starter Kit – Whole Bean 6oz, $32 $26.40

Can’t decide on which tasty blend to get? We get you. Lucky for the indecisive readers, Grounds & Hounds has a sampling kit on sale that comes with three 6-ounce bags of their most popular blends in either whole beans, single pods, or ground form: Morning Walk, Paper & Slippers, and Alpha Blend.


Sunny Spot Cold Brew Essentials, $65 $52

For those total coffee newbies (or, at the very least, cold brew newbies), Grounds & Hounds’ Cold Brew Essentials kit includes absolutely everything you need for a nice glass of iced coffee. It includes a 12-ounce bag of Sunny Spot (a dark roast blend with notes of hazelnut, red currant, milk chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker), a cold brew coffee maker, an adorable glass for puppy lovers, and reusable metal straws.


At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. All product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication. If you buy or click on something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

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30 Best Sellers You Can Still Shop From Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days

There were a seemingly endless number of deals to shop for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, which ran between October 10 and 11 this year. To date, we’ve covered everything from the site’s hidden gems to its viral products (and even Prime Day sale alternatives). But in this roundup, we’re unveiling something that’s a little closer to our own carts: Refinery29 readers’ most wanted Amazon products that are, of course, on super sale.

After digging into an entire year’s worth of anonymous shopping data from our most popular stories, we were able to whittle down a product list that includes only the top Amazon products R29 readers have eagerly scooped up. Peep all the noteworthy and unexpected Amazon deals that just may have been carted by you or your closest friends and family — from beauty hidden gems to cult-favorite travel best sellers. We’ve outlined each of these hot-ticket Amazon best sellers and more ahead.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff — and, while we do receive commission from Amazon, all of the goods linked to on our site are independently curated by our Most Wanted shopping team editors. All product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication.

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55% Off Anker Dual Port Wall Charger Adapter (Two Pack)

These USB wall adapters, which make charging multiple devices at the same time a breeze, have been flying off the digital shelves. It’s not hard to see why, given Anker’s reputation for good-quality charging devices.

Shop Amazon

Anker Dual Port Wall Charger Adapter, $, available at Amazon

10% Off Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Original

Our readers are loving these adhesive spot stickers, which claim to eradicate pimples overnight. They work on sensitive skin, and, thanks to a see-through design, you will hardly notice having them on.

Shop Amazon

Mighty Patch Mighty Patch Original, $, available at Amazon

20% Off Nikolable Lightning Cable iPhone Charger (Three Pack)

This is one of those practical Amazon Prime Big Deal Days discounts that is an absolutely no-brainer. If you often misplace your smartphone charging cables, now is the perfect time to invest in some spares.

Shop Amazon

Nikolable Lightning Cable iPhone Charger, $, available at Amazon

11% Off Honey Pot Natural Feminine Wipes

We’re thrilled to see a previous winner from our MVP Awards in the discounted mix during Prime Big Deal Days. The Honey Pot Company‘s intimate wipes are 99% natural and made with herbal ingredients that sanitize and hydrate your skin. They double as a fab cleanser for your face, body, all your nether regions, and even sex toys, according to our resident Honey Pot fans. It all comes back to the ethos of the brand, a Black female-owned business whose products serve as a springboard into conversations on vaginal health.

Shop Amazon

The Honey Pot Company Feminine Wipes – Normal, 30 Count, $, available at Amazon

50% Off Oral-B Genius X Limited

Every time Amazon Prime sales make an appearance, so do the toothbrush deals. If there was ever a time to stock up on oral hygiene essentials, it’s now.

Shop Amazon

Oral-B Genius X Limited, Electric Toothbrush, $, available at Amazon

31% Off American Tourister Moonlight Hardside Expandable Luggage

American Tourister’s glossy pink luggage was the talk of the town in terms of Prime Day luggage deals. It’s got all the high-quality amenities of a $200 suitcase with a $114 price tag — for now.

Shop Amazon

American Tourister Moonlight Expandable Suitcase, $, available at Amazon

47% Off Neo Chair Office Swivel Desk Ergonomic Chair

Despite its alarmingly low price, this best-selling office chair features some high rewards: cushy foam padding, ergonomic back support, flexible fabric, and more.

Shop Amazon

NEO CHAIR Office Swivel Desk Ergonomic Chair, $, available at Amazon

23% Off Dyson V-10 Animal

One of Dyson’s highly coveted cordless stick vacuums making our Most Wanted list is no surprise. If you’ve been eyeing some high-tech cleaning supplies or are on the hunt for the best price, cash in now.

Shop Amazon

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum, $, available at Amazon

35% Off Shark IQ Robot Vacuum

Next in line after Dyson stick vacuums, the next most popular cleaning gadgets among R29 readers are robot vacuums. These smart gizmos come with a mind of their own and sweep up messes without you needing to lift a finger. Amazon is stocked with tons of Shark robot vac deals that you won’t want to miss.

Shop Amazon

Shark Robot Vacuum with XL Self-Empty Base, $, available at Amazon

54% Off Amazon Echo Dot

There’s no better time to score Amazon’s tech accessories than the retailer’s infamous Prime Day (and shortly thereafter). Nab your very own Echo Dot and enjoy its numerous convenient features, including LED lighting, smart speakers, Alexa controls, and more.

Shop Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot 5th Generation, $, available at Amazon

16% Off 6-In-1 Multitool Pen

This six-in-one multitool pen is maybe one of the most surprising Amazon hits of the past year. If you’re interested in learning more about its Inspector Gadget-like qualities, we recommend checking out this extensive review.

Shop Amazon

‎CRANACH Multitool Pen, $, available at Amazon

42% Off Eva Naturals Vitamin C Serum

This longtime reader-favorite serum is packed with nutrients and youth-boosting ingredients, like hyper-hydrating hyaluronic acid and aloe vera.

Shop Amazon

Eva Naturals Vitamin C Serum, $, available at Amazon

38% Off Comfytemp Ice Packs For Neck and Shoulders

Our strategist Kate Spencer gives this heating and cooling neck wrap a thumbs up for her persistent neck pain — and a number of readers followed suit after reading her praise.

Shop Amazon

Comfytemp Ice Pack for Neck and Shoulders, $, available at Amazon

35% Off Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips

Crest takes the Amazon bestseller cake. The brand’s coveted Whitestrips are typically marked way down on Prime Day and are all but guaranteed to make your pearly whites, well, whiter, providing professional-level stain removal in under an hour’s time. (They even earned a top-reviewed spot on our Tried & True coverage of the best teeth-whitening products!)

Shop Amazon

Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Effects Kit, $, available at Amazon

21% Off Mayfair Linen 100% Cotton Sheets

Discovering a set of quality, 100% cotton sheets on Amazon is like finding a needle in a microfiber haystack. But R29 readers are on the case — thanks, friends! — and this top-shopped set from Mayfair Linen covers all your bases. It’s a steal for 100% cotton (certified by Oeko-Tex, no less), has deep pockets, and is made using fade-resistant dye. They might not be the best sheets in the whole entire world, but both our readers and editors think they’re definitely some of the best sheets you can buy on Amazon.

Shop Amazon

Mayfair Linen 500 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheet Set, Queen, $, available at Amazon

50% Off Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

Speaking as one of the hundreds who carted this dental hygiene machine over the past year, its push-of-a-button water pressure gum-cleaning abilities are game-changing (my dentist told me so).

Shop Amazon

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser, $, available at Amazon

21% Off Onyx Professionals Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream

This nail-fortifying moisturizer is such a universally beloved, miracle-working product that it was awarded one of our first-ever MVP awards. (As in, you know, most valuable products.) Our editors — along with over 63,000 customers — won’t shut up about how quickly and efficiently this emollient strengthens and brings shine to lackluster nails.

Shop Amazon

Onyx Professional Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream, 1 oz, $, available at Amazon

16% Off Yesno Maxi Swing Dress

We’d go so far as to call this deal the most reader-beloved Amazon frock AND a consistent favorite in our summer dress coverage. The carefree “swingy” maxi has an impressive 19,000-person-plus reviewer base that stans everything from its oh-so-soft fabric to its flattering, flowy fit.

Shop Amazon

YESNO Maxi Swing Dress, $, available at Amazon

20% Off Bedsure Satin Pillowcase Set

This Amazon satin pillowcase is still a bestselling steal! It rose to Most Wanted fame after being spotlighted as a reader’s Amazon Hidden Gem for protecting her hair and skin while catching ZZZs and taking over TikTok. “They are so smooth and buttery and make me feel like I’m sleeping at a 5-star hotel. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my hair, it’s way less frizzy when I wake up in the morning and my style is still intact from the day before,” she raved.

Shop Amazon

Bedsure Satin Pillowcases Standard, Set of 2, $, available at Amazon

19% Off Satisfyer Pro 2+ Air-Pulse Vibrator

Amazon is a sneakily good source for sex toys if you know where to look. The Satisfyer Pro from Amazon is the creme de la creme thanks to its good vibes, affordable price tag, and viral-status reviewer praise, like “Ladies, if nothing else, get this toy. For a long time I thought my clit was broken…I was wrong.”

Shop Amazon

Satisfyer Pro 2+ Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulating Vibrator, $, available at Amazon

33% Off Calvin Klein Cotton Bikini 3-Pack

We know from anonymous shopping data that Calvin Klein’s three-pack of basic cotton undies sell year-round, despite the $35 retail price. So why not scoop up a few pairs now?

Shop Amazon

Calvin Klein Cotton Bikini Underwear 3-Pack, $, available at Amazon

40% Off Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

We’ve gotten feedback from many a reader that they actually prefer this set of wireless headphones from Powerbeats to the minimalist fit and look of Apple AirPods. The wrap-around feature sits comfortably on the ear, making them ideal for workouts, runs, and easy listening. Oh, and they’re currently 40% off on Amazon.

Shop Amazon

Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds, $, available at Amazon

52% Off Barbra 6-Pack Of Regular & Plus-Size Lace Boyshort Panties

Panties come in all shapes in sizes, but not all come in packs of six for under $30. While they may not be your everyday go-to undergarments (nylon isn’t the most sweat-friendly), these lacy drawers meet the mark for extravagant days and special occasions.

Shop Amazon

Barbra 6 Pack Of Regular & Plus Size Lace Boyshort Panties, $, available at Amazon

20% Off Amazon Basics Velvet Hanger, 100 Pack

If you’re in the market for some sleek space-saving hangers, now’s the time to strike. We’ve seen a spike in this set year after year on (and after) Prime Day.

Shop Amazon

Amazon Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Hangers, Pack of 100, $, available at Amazon

18% Off Niacinamide Serum 12% Plus Zinc 2%

A multitude of self-professed acne sufferers swears by this seemingly miracle-working skin-clearing serum — including one of our very own: “I found this niacinamide serum after searching ‘how to get rid of forehead bumps’ on Youtube…and let me tell you, just two weeks of use and there isn’t a forehead bump to be seen. I. Am. Serious,” Most Wanted strategist Kate Spencer confesses of this top-carted favorite.

Shop Amazon

Naturium Niacinamide Serum 12% Plus Zinc 2%, $, available at Amazon

29% Off Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers

Amazon has “Tidy TikTok’s” favorite BPA-free Rubbermaid food storage sets on sale in a variety of sizes. We’ve seen readers also scoop up the set at Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond, but Amazon has the market cornered for the best deal at the moment.

Shop Amazon

Rubbermaid Brilliance Airtight Food Storage Container, $, available at Amazon

43% Off AeroGarden Harvest Elite

Another R29 crowd-pleasing purchase from the past few years is the AeroGarden. But we think this popular pandemic luxury good is here to stay. If you enjoy making homegrown salads or harvesting herbs like it ain’t no thing, then this is one Prime Day buy that comes with tons of satisfaction.

Shop Amazon

AeroGarden Harvest Elite, $, available at Amazon

38% Off Baleaf Bike Shorts

This top-purchased pair of high-waisted bike shorts — which has over 86,000 reviews — comes complete with not two but three pockets, and is available in an assortment of colorways, a variety of lengths, and sizes XXS – 3X.

Shop Amazon

Baleaf High Waist Biker Shorts, $, available at Amazon

18% Off Wowshow 4K Gold Plated Hoops Chunky Open Hoops

A true most wanted steal from every Prime Day occasion is this here pair of chic hoops that readers cart up like hotcakes. At under $10, the 14k gold-plated jewelry score is the perfect sweet gift for yourself or someone special. Reviewers approve of them as a lightweight, budget-friendly alternative to pricier styles.

Shop Amazon

wowshow 14K Gold Plated Hoops Chunky Open Hoops, $, available at Amazon

45% Off Pillow Cube Side Sleeper Pillow

The side sleeper pillow of the future is on supersale for Prime Day. Whether you buy it for the breathable fabric, cooling carbon core, or just because it’s a cube, you’re guaranteed a good night’s rest.

Shop Amazon

Pillow Cube Side Sleeper Pro, $, available at Amazon

11% Off Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

The viral bath caddy of Amazon is currently on sale for 12% off its going rate. A reader-favorite buy for gifting and self-care, this bath-time buddy is described by its 28,000-plus reviewer fanbase as everything from “smartly designed” to “high quality” and “luxurious.”

Shop Amazon

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray, $, available at Amazon

19% Off Lucid Lavender Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

R29 readers’ hack for more affordably upgrading their sleep space? Buying a luxurious topper that costs a tenth of a new mattress. This memory foam style by Lucid is infused with a lavender scent that reviewers describe as “a sleeper’s dream! It does not have the typical memory foam texture. It’s super soft but with enough firmness to keep its shape. The lavender infuses your whole house.”

Shop Amazon

Lucid 3 Inch Lavender Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper, $, available at Amazon

53% Off Emnita Dual-Sided Desk Pad Office Desk Mat

With over 21,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.8-out-of-5-star rating, this 53% off PU-leather desk pad rose to bestselling fame last fall after it picked up steam on Prime Day. Our Shopping editor decided to give the trending office accessory a test run, concluding, “It made a huge difference in my WFH setup feeling like a cobbled-together chaotic mess to a streamlined-desk dream. It provided me with a sleek canvas for arranging my work essentials without much thought while also acting as visual encouragement for keeping things in place and looking tidy.”

Shop Amazon

EMINTA Dual-Sided Desk Pad Office Desk Mat, $, available at Amazon

25% Off Avarelle Acne Absorbing Patch

Readers swear by this 40-pack of hydrocolloid, tea tree, and calendula-oil-infused patches that are designed to soothe and clear acne overnight.

Shop Amazon

Avarelle Acne Absorbing Cover Patch (40-Pack), $, available at Amazon

9% Off Sunday Riley Mini Vault Skincare Collection

Most of Sunday Riley’s rejuvenating skin-care products are top-bought reader favorites, and Prime Day is your chance to try almost all of them in one pint-size vault.

Shop Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley Mini Vault Skincare Collection, $, available at Amazon

20% Off Apple AirPods Pro

The magic of Apple’s upgraded AirPods is hard to understate. “Saved my marriage,” wrote one reviewer. “With the new transparency mode, I can listen to music knowing that I will never be [run] over by a car on the street again.” In a comment that over 3,000 users classified as “helpful,” a reviewer proclaimed simply: “They fire.” Another wrote: “I’m so glad Apple came out with these and that I waited to splurge on headphones. The sound is beautiful, the fit is perfect. I literally just got these out [of] the box and I fell in love! I have always been an Apple product lover. Well worth the wait!” (Those are just three positive examples from the 31,000+ reviews that helped these headphones rack up a 4.7-star rating.)

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Apple AirPods Pro, $, available at Amazon

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This little coffee mug warmer was a best-selling Amazon gift last holiday season and now Mr. Coffee is back with a few dollars shaved off its always prime-for-gifting price.

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These most wanted hair accessories are a top steal that our readers cannot stop carting this season. As one rave reviewer gushes, “I love these clips! They are a very thick and sturdy material and have more than enough spacing between the clamps to hold a large amount of hair. The pattern is so simple yet adds a little bit of something to your look. Would totally recommend!”

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Blueair gets high marks for being one of the most popular reasonably priced, high-functioning air purifiers on the market. Its innovative filter system “captures 99% of airborne pollutants like pollen, dust, pet dander, mold, bacteria, and more.” And according to one R29 Shopping team member, it sucked the lingering cat stink straight out of the room so that her fur buddies could live like non-scented ninjas ready to pounce on unsuspecting guests.

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Korean Italy Towel Reusable Exfoliating Washcloth

We’d be happy with one miracle-working beauty product for under $10, but thanks to Amazon’s endless inventory, the hits just keep on coming. These legendary viscose washcloths have a special scrubby weave that frees excess skin cells from their mortal coil — for results that one reviewer called “amazing and disgusting at the same time.” Our beauty editor summed it up in her recent ode to the cloth: “Ultimately, this cheap-thrills beauty buy lived up to its viral hype. Rarely does any product deliver near-instantaneous results, but this Amazon gem did — and then some.”

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Orolay Down Jacket With Faux-Fur Trim

It’s the infamous Amazon coat that first caught trend-fire on cool-moms in the streets of Brooklyn and then quickly took over the online-shopping scene as a top-bought, affordable, and very stylish-looking hidden outerwear gem — and it’s currently 20% off for Prime Day. “I ordered this on a Lightning Deal for around $60, and I cannot believe the quality! Super warm (I tested it this morning in 20 degrees, 20 mph winds, and snow in Michigan), and flattering fit. Zipper seems very substantial and strong, the hood is a good size and the fur is not cheap looking at all. Nice stretchy ribbed fabric at wrists help seal out the cold, too. Great winter coat especially for the price!” one cozy-chic customer attests.

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It’s currently peak mosquito season, so you might as well snag a Murphy’s candle or two.

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23andMe DNA Test + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service

Identity was top-of-mind for our readers over this past year with 23andMe’s DNA-testing kit clocking in as a top contender for most wanted Amazon buys. The at-home and mail-in service provide more than 85 DNA-based ancestry reports, including stats on everything from health predispositions to wellness traits and more.

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High-Waisted Leggings With Pockets

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This little purple bottle is an Amazon’s Choice good, boasting over 300 rave reviews and a whopping 4.8 out of 5-star rating. The certified organic formula is crafted from a blend of lavender, coconut, sunflower, almond, and jojoba oils; it can be used for massages (sensual or otherwise); and is deemed by customers to be utterly soothing, amazingly scented, and the absolute best on the market.

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SOJOS Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Our VP of partnership management received so many compliments on these blue-light blocking glasses that she was compelled to share the good news with our readers, propelling these frames to one of the top-selling spots back in 2020. While there’s no hard science behind the effectiveness of these lenses, she felt the difference right away. “Not feeling tired at the end of the workday and a noticeable lack of headaches are a way better payoff than the consistent compliments the frames generate,” she wrote. “I highly recommend trying these babies out. ‘Wellness’ comes in all forms, whether it’s reduced eye strain brought on by super-power lenses or the simple self-esteem boost of wearing a cool and super-flattering new pair of specs.

4.4 out of 5 stars and 6,650 reviews

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Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker 11 in 1 with Air Fryer, 8 Qt

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Real Techniques Makeup Brush Set with Travel Sponge Blender, $, available at Amazon

Hatch Restore Smart Alarm Clock

This R29-MVP-award-winning smart clock combines the powers of a sun-simulation light with a soothing sound machine and a meditation app to do everything from help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake feeling calm and well-rested.

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L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Intensive Day Cream

This crowd-pleasing Amazon-beauty buy with its luxuriously nourishing formula left customers’ faces feeling plump and moisture-filled. This affordable moisturizer is packed with Pro-Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C. One satisfied reviewer refers to this product as her old friend that never lets her down.

4.5 out of 5 stars and 4,863 reviews

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Moisturizer 1.7 oz, $, available at Amazon

Honest Demi-Matte Lip Crayon

Not quite a balm, not quite a lipstick — this most wanted Amazon find from Honest Beauty offers a cold-weather essential creamy (and cruelty-free) lip sheen that feels just as nourishing as a balm but with a chic matte-style finish. (Psst, all of Honest Beauty’s essentials are currently 40% off as part of Prime Day!)

4 out of 5 stars and 474 reviews

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Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory-Foam Pillow

This premium pillow was and still is must-cart bedding material. What makes this memory-foam model stand out from the crowd? It’s eco-friendly, bamboo-blend filling that provides pressure relief and major sleep support.

4.3 out of 5 stars and 4,838 reviews

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory-Foam Pillow, $, available at Amazon

Natural Silk Sleep Mask

Those seeking an exact dupe for cult-favorite luxury sleep mask Slip won’t find it here (although Slip’s mask is on sale right now at Nordstrom Rack for $25), but what they will find is a top-rated 100% silk mask for a fraction of the cost. The cute scrunched side that Slip is known for is not an option at this low price but it’s subbed in by a respectable adjustable strap that’s perfect for catching a few extra winks.

4.6 out of 5 stars and 2,017 reviews

J JIMOO Natural Silk Sleep Mask, $, available at Amazon

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Paola de la Calle’s Art Helps Us Imagine a Future Without Forced Migration

On June 26, 2019, the front page of The New York Times showed the bodies of Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his 23-month-old daughter, Angie Valeria, floating on the bank of the Rio Grande in Matamoros, Mexico. All the weeds in the photograph are in motion, pulled to the left of the frame. Perhaps this is how the wind weeps, roars, and mourns the violence of border crossings.

In the photograph, the water is muddy, and Angie’s left arm is seemingly holding her father’s neck. Neither of their faces is visible. Her father’s T-shirt, which wraps tightly around Martínez Ramírez’s torso, also shields Angie’s upper body. Angie’s shoes still protect her feet; her father has had no such luck. His knees dig into the river’s floor and his bare feet float above water. Martínez Ramírez’s limbs give the allusion that he can still move; that his body is in control. This is not the case. Neither of them survived.

Taken by journalist Julia Le Duc hours after Martínez Ramírez’s and Angie’s deaths, shared by the Associated Press on social media, then repurposed online and in print by The New York Times, the image subjugates Martínez Ramírez and Angie to perpetual laboring. In appearing on the cover of The New York Times alongside the title “Photo of Drowned Migrants Captures Pathos of Those Who Risk It All,” the publication asks the father and daughter to render a certain narrative tragedy for readers or for anyone who is walking by a newsstand, or scrolling through Instagram, TikTok, and more.

“In an ever-growing migrant United States, how do we learn to see the immigrant as more than a foreigner and/or an illegal alien? How do we remember those who die in their migratory journeys? And how do we collectively imagine a future without forced migration?”

Alán Pelaez Lopez

The narrative labor forced upon the two is a juxtaposition to the image of Mexican migrants and other Latin American and Antillean migrants as “drug dealers, criminals,” and “rapists,” as former President Donald Trump disparangingly called them. In an ever-growing migrant United States, how do we learn to see the immigrant as more than a foreigner and/or an illegal alien? How do we remember those who die in their migratory journeys? And how do we collectively imagine a future without forced migration?

For 31-year-old Colombian American Paola de la Calle, the answer is art. As the Boston-born daughter of two undocumented Colombian parents, de la Calle’s life in the U.S. has felt limited by the controlled images of Colombians as drug dealers; Colombia as a geography of war; and the narrative that undocumented people are a criminal group. To combat xenophobic tropes, de la Calle uses her art as a way to reimagine migrant futures. Through large-scale textile collages, installations, and sculptures, she introduced a visual grammar to characterize the migrant as human and Colombia as a geography of life and joy.

Walking a thin line between spectacular hope and tragedy, de la Calle’s first solo exhibition, In This House We Are All Buried Alive, refuses to reproduce traumatic images of migrants by centering her own political consciousness as a U.S. citizen who grew up in the conditions of illegality and silence. “The solo show really came from starting my therapy journey and looking at the way in which I was experiencing the world and not being able to connect growing up in a mixed-status home and how that related to my fears of abandonment and the way I was showing up in the world,” she tells Refinery29 Somos about the exhibition, which was on view at SOMArts Gallery in San Francisco in July and August.

“To combat xenophobic tropes, de la Calle uses her art as a way to reimagine migrant futures. Through large-scale textile collages, installations, and sculptures, she introduced a visual grammar to characterize the migrant as human and Colombia as a geography of life and joy. “

Alán Pelaez Lopez

The artist’s childhood fear of abandonment came from the fact that immigration officials could have detained and deported all the adults in her life. To address this legal and social anxiety, de la Calle takes to art because, in her words, “Art has allowed me to zoom in on the parts of the stories I can talk about.”

“Hanging Archive,” one of the most compelling pieces in her exhibition, consists of photographs, Google Maps images, and video stills printed on seven large chiffon tapestries. They hang from the ceiling, and their placement mimics the shape and aesthetic of a blown-up film role. Much like a movie, the piece transports the viewer to a different place. For migrants who cannot return to their countries, the land they once knew may no longer exist: Demolished buildings, the displacement of ecological organisms, and even traces of the migrant’s history disappearing can make a place unrecognizable.

Although there are no people represented in “Hanging Archive,” the artwork invites us to relate intimately to Colombia, which means that a person removed from their home can still be in community and witness their country. When one cannot go back to their countries, Google Maps and Google Images serve as mediators of digital travel.

“Art has allowed me to zoom in on the parts of the stories I can talk about.”

Paola de la calle

With “Hanging Archive,” de la Calle insists on memory as political work that alleviates the silences and erased histories of Latin America. She pairs this memory work with a text-based art piece titled, “My Accent Changes and The Crack in the Sky Grows Between Us,” which depicts 30 terracotta roof tiles that spell out “The Crack in the Sky Grows Between Us.” An ode to de la Calle’s grandfather, the piece reflects the 10-year gap in de la Calle’s early adulthood when she did not travel to Colombia and her return to the country three months after the passing of her grandfather. Prior to his passing, de la Calle planned to carry out a series of ethnographic conversations with her grandfather so she could archive his life memories, ideologies, and desires.

“I was just thinking about how the sky was the one thing that united us. We shared the same moon, but the sky is this blanket that covers us. … Borders create this sort of crack in that sky,” de la Calle recalls as she reckons with the reality of living through settler borders. Borders don’t only exist between nations; the border haunts the memory of migrants and those who were born in migrant diasporas.

“I was just thinking about how the sky was the one thing that united us. We shared the same moon, but the sky is this blanket that covers us. … Borders create this sort of crack in that sky.”


“Nothing is neatly tied together [in my family history],” de la Calle explains as she shares the story of her last name. During a trip to Colombia, she learned about a distant family member on her maternal side named Bejamín de la Calle. Although the artist can’t recall the details of how she found out about Benjamín, she remembers being told that he was a photographer that the family exiled for being queer. Born with the last name “González,” the artist opted for “de la Calle” to invite Benjamín back into the family archive. In this name change, remembrance becomes a daily practice that challenges queerphobia, and Benjamín can engage in a different type of border crossing, a return home.

For migrants, the question of return is always a challenge: Will they welcome me back? Will my home still exist? Does anyone remember those who have left?

In an installation titled “A Calling Card is a Portal,” composed of 17 ceramic calling cards placed side by side on an entire gallery wall, one card reads: “Entre Aqui Y Alla,” which may critique the popularized trope that Latine people in the U.S. are neither from here nor there. Melania Luisa Marte recently critiqued this concept in Plantains and our Becomings, her debut poetry collection. The Afro-Dominican writer proclaims: “Ni de aquí ni de allá is a farce,” arguing that nation-states and borders don’t create belonging. For Marte, belonging exists in the systems of care one invests in and in how one shows up for others.

“The in-betweenness of migration is not something de la Calle wants us to run away from. She’s not chasing roots or routes; she’s chasing political futures where it is easier to breathe.”

Alán Pelaez Lopez

The series of calling cards is akin to the poetry of formerly undocumented cultural worker Sonia Guiñansaca whose poem “Calling Cards” proclaims: “These calling cards / Have heart beats / We survive through phone lines.” For both Guiñansaca and de la Calle, nonhuman objects have the capacity to transform us, to breathe new lessons into us where migrants can be both in between here and there.

The in-betweenness of migration is not something de la Calle wants us to run away from. She’s not chasing roots or routes; she’s chasing political futures where it is easier to breathe.

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9 Natural Makeup Tips I Stole When I Had My Face Done By A Pro

As a beauty obsessive who has experimented with makeup since I was 11, I can do a lot of things with my eyes closed. Perfect a bushy brow? Tick. Ace a crisp red lip? Check. They say liquid eyeliner can sense fear but it wouldn’t dare cross me.

All of these makeup looks have one thing in common: they’re pretty heavy. I may have nailed a full face but the trend I just can’t seem to get the hang of is truly natural makeup. I want it to look believable, almost like I haven’t tried. But seamlessly blending concealer, creating a subtle contour and beefing up my lashes seems to take a lot of precision.

I needed schooling, and who better to give me advice than the pros that man the Trish McEvoy counter in London’s Selfridges? Like Bobbi Brown and Kevyn Aucoin, this is a brand that goes back years. That it’s still going strong among countless buzzy additions to the beauty world proves that it holds unshakable cult status. Thinking of Trish evokes images of gleaming cheekbones, naturally flushed skin, fluffed up brows and glossy lips — how natural makeup should be.

If you seek help from Trish’s team of makeup experts, be prepared to get your hands dirty. Little did I know that my artist, Sara, would only work on half of my face and expect me to do the rest. In doing so, what I learned about how to achieve the most convincing natural makeup was invaluable. Even better? The new, effortless look takes me around 10 minutes, which means I don’t have to wake up in the dark to get ready.

Here’s everything I want you to know about achieving easy, natural makeup that actually stays put.

Always Start With Skincare

Without skincare, makeup (no matter how minimal) is unlikely to sit seamlessly on your face. I arrived with freshly cleansed skin and makeup artist Sara suggested we look to the Beauty Booster Eye Serum, £70, to plump out any fine lines and smooth over my dry under-eyes, where concealer always settles. I much prefer a serum over an eye cream, as makeup tends to slip and slide on top of the latter. If you have less to spend, I love L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Eye Serum, £24.99. The great thing about serums this lightweight is that they can be topped up over makeup as they just sink straight in.

Next we applied the Beauty Booster Cream, £68 (a moisturiser, primer and hydrating mask in one) all over. It makes skin dewy and acts like Velcro for any makeup you put on top. Also try Glossier Priming Moisturizer, £24, or The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA, £5.

Choose An Eye Base Over Concealer

“Here at Trish we always start with the eyes,” Sara told me, “so step one is the Jumbo Eye Base Essentials (£31). This is like a concealer for your eyelid. You can apply eyeshadow over the top of it or you can leave it as it is.” For ease, I chose to skip eyeshadow and the difference using just the Base was eye-opening — literally. It brightened my eyes, which can appear dark thanks to discolouration (particularly in the inner corner) and it blanketed the stubbly bits under my eyebrows that I was too lazy to pluck before my appointment. A product like this is undetectable compared to concealer, which accentuates lines and can appear chalky. If you’re on a budget, try KIKO MILANO Neutral Eye Base, £8.49.

Tightlining Is Key To Fuller Lashes

If you’re going to do natural, Sara told me, reach for a deep brown eyeliner pencil and swipe it along your upper waterline. Makeup artists refer to this trick as “tightlining”. Using your finger, lift up your eyelid and glide the eyeliner pencil along, trying your best to avoid the tear duct. “Doing this thickens up your lashes without you having to do anything major,” said Sara. “It makes the lashes look so much more dense. Even if you didn’t want to wear mascara, but you wanted some kind of definition, this is so quick.” Sure enough, the slick of liner made my lashes look lush. Who would’ve thought something so simple could make such a difference?

Ditch Eyeshadow For Powder Bronzer

If you don’t want to use too many products and want a quick, simple look, take your bronzer on a small, fluffy brush and put it in the crease of your eyelid. “Always tap off the excess and follow your natural crease with your eye open,” said Sara. She used the Dual Resort Bronzer, £22, on me. Concentrating it solely in the crease created a sort of halo effect on my eyes and I realised that applying eyeshadow all over my lids was just dragging my eyes down. This trick lifts them, and takes moments. Also try Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer, £23.20, or Huda Beauty GloWish Soft Radiance Bronzing Powder, £25.20, if you like a slight shimmer.

Backcomb Your Lashes

I like full, Bambi-esque lashes and Sara said I’d need the Dramatic Lash Mascara, £22.50. “One coat is enough but you want to coat the top and the bottom of your upper eyelashes.” TikTok calls this hack “lash backcombing” and it really works. “I like to roll the brush down over the top of the lashes first,” said Sara, “as this evenly separates them and builds up the volume.” Then wedge the mascara wand into the base of your lashes and wiggle upwards as usual. “If you just do this step without coating the top of your lashes, you won’t get that volume,” said Sara.

For a natural look, Trish’s makeup artists leave the lower lashes free of mascara. “If you don’t have any lower lashes, I prefer to take a light brown eyeshadow powder and lightly smoke it underneath the lower lash line,” said Sara. “This lends definition, rather than applying mascara and it giving you three lashes.”

Now, onto brows. Mine are thick but I have a few sparse patches. Brushing the hairs into place with a brow wax like the Brow Perfector, £25, really helped minimise the gaps so I could skip the brow pencil.

Practise The “Triangle Of Light” Technique

The “triangle of light” is Trish’s signature makeup method for brightening under-eyes. Using the Instant Eye Lift, £40, which features a soft, doe-foot applicator, Sara traced a large triangle from the inner corner of my eye down to the outer edge of my nose and back up to the outer corner of my eye. She then filled it in.

“When people usually apply concealer or brightening products, they don’t use enough,” said Sara. “I see a lot of people doing the dot, dot, dot and blend method. In order to get a brightening effect, really get it on.” With the small end of the Wet/Dry Even Skin Brush, £55, Sara taught me to smooth it out and blend it in. “You can use your ring finger to press it in, too, but the effect brightens and lifts.” I found that it cancelled out redness and practically erased my large, oily pores. “Because this is a brightener and not a concealer, if you wanted to use a concealer on top, you definitely could,” said Sara. I personally didn’t think I needed to.

If you have less to spend, try e.l.f. Putty Color-Correcting Eye Brightener, £6, or Saie Hydrabeam Sheer Brightening Under Eye Concealer, £20, which boasts a larger shade range.

Swap Foundation For BB Cream

Skin tints have had their moment. Now it’s the return of the BB (blemish balm) cream. Sara used the Beauty Balm SPF 35, £65, on me but also consider Saie Dewy Tinted Moisturiser, £27, or Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop, £21.60, which have wider shade ranges. “This BB cream does everything,” said Sara. “It primes, controls oil and gives good coverage. After applying, take a brush and stipple it in.” Stippling is pressing the product in using round motions, sort of like you’re pressing and rolling the bristles over your face. Not only is using a brush going to be more hygienic, said Sara, but when you use your hands, you bring too much blood to the surface of your skin thanks to the rubbing motions. Essentially, you’re encouraging the very redness you might be looking to hide. Try the Trixie Cosmetics P-13 Stippling Brush, £13.

Layer Translucent Powder Under Blush & Bronzer

If you hate that bronzer and blush disrupts your base makeup or ends up looking like a hard line along your cheek, apply a touch of translucent powder over your cheekbones first. This creates a seamless canvas for any colour you then layer on top and makes everything look smooth.

Your technique matters, too. When applying bronzer, I typically dunk the centre of my fluffy brush into the powder. This isn’t doing me any favours, said Sara. “We coat the entire brush all the way around, tap it off and simply apply on the higher part of the cheek in little circles. Hit the forehead where the sun naturally kisses you, apply along your jawline, and then whatever is left on the brush, dust it down the neck.” The result was the most believable sunny glow without harsh stripes.

You can stop here but if you want to dial up the colour with blush, opt for a cream or liquid version. Sara applied a dab of the Liquid Face Colour Lip & Cheek Stain, £27. “You can put this on top of powder and it will give you the nicest, blushed glow. Place it onto your skin with your middle finger and tap it out with your ring finger, concentrating it to the high apple of the cheek to lift. Then press up to the temple. It looks very strong but it’s actually so sheer.”

If you want something more pigmented, try Glossier Cloud Paint, £20.

Try A Liner & Gloss Combo

Sara would usually suggest a tap of lip balm but I wanted some sort of definition and I always line my lips. We went for the Long Wear Lip Liner in Barely There, £22, but any nude that suits your skin tone will work. “Start off in the centre of your top lip and trace upwards towards the bow,” Sara advised, “then repeat on the other side.” When you’re lining the bottom, always start at the centre of the lip. The trick is to take a small, fluffy brush and diffuse the liner so it’s less of a harsh line. A little nude gloss in the centre is all you need to complete the natural look.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. All product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication. If you buy or click on something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

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Spoilers ahead. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, David and Victoria Beckham dominated headlines all over the world. The former professional footballer and former Spice Girl were a match made in tabloid heaven when they met at a Manchester United game in 1997 and soon began dating.

The tabloid media followed their every move as they welcomed their first son Brooklyn, married in head-to-toe matching purple, became social pariahs in the aftermath of England’s 1998 World Cup loss, and then became a part of the Hollywood elite after a move to LA.

Now, the famous couple are finally telling their side of the story in the four-part Netflix documentary series, Beckham. In it, the Beckhams candidly talk about the highs and lows of almost three decades in the public eye, and the challenges their marriage has faced along the way.

Here are the biggest moments from Netflix’s Beckham:

David Predicted He Would Marry Victoria After Seeing Her On TV

Long before they met in real life, David was watching the Spice Girls on TV with his teammate Gary Neville, when he pointed at the screen and said that he would “marry the Posh one” someday.

David & Victoria Beckham Attend The ‘Versace Club’ Gala Party In London. (Photo by Justin GoffUK Press via Getty Images)

Then, Mel C and Victoria were guests of honor at a Manchester United game in 1997.

“In the changing room before the game,” Beckham recalls in the documentary, “one of the players came in and was like, ‘There are two Spice Girls here.’ I was like, ‘Which one?’ And he said, ‘The sporty one, and the posh one.’ And I was like, ‘Great.’”

Victoria says she basically went to the game to “stalk” David. “I am not into football at all,” she explains. “I wasn’t into football then, I’m not into football now. But I’d seen pictures of him in magazines, and he was obviously a very good-looking boy … the fact I went to the games really was just to kind of, some would say ‘stalk’ him.”

The pair ended up meeting after the game and “fancied” each other straight away. “I just fancied him,” Victoria says. “It was as simple as that.”

David Tells Victoria To Be ‘Honest’ About Her Working Class Roots

In the first episode, Victoria tells the camera that she and David came from “working class backgrounds” when David pops his head in the door and tells her to “be honest.”

“Be honest … what car did your dad drive you to school in?” he asks.

Victoria replies “it depends,” before finally admitting that her father had a “Rolls Royce in the ’80s.” The moment has already turned into a hilarious meme.

David Got A Football Boot Kicked At His Head

In the documentary, David recalls the moment he told Manchester United’s manager Alex Ferguson to “fuck off” and Ferguson allegedly kicked a football boot at him. Ferguson explains that he kicked a pile of worn football jerseys in response, and a boot that was hidden in the pile flew across the room and hit David above the eye.

“It was an absolute freak [accident],” the former manager says in the Netflix series.

Victoria Told David She Was Pregnant Before The 1998 World Cup Match

Victoria explains in Beckham that she told David she was pregnant with their first child the night before the 1998 World Cup match. When asked whether she thought that would help him, she replies, “I don’t know.”

“Before the Argentina game, she phoned me and said I’ve just taken a test and I’m pregnant. So I found out then,” David tells the camera. “The first thing I wanted to do (was get out of there and be with Victoria) but I couldn’t, we were in a major tournament.”

David Was Diagnosed With Clinical Depression In The Aftermath Of The World Cup Loss

David was famously given a red card during the World Cup match with Argentina after kicking Diego Simeone. England then lost the game in a penalty shoot-out, which many people blamed Beckham for. During the following season, Manchester United’s bus was pelted with rocks and glasses during an away game in West Ham. David tells the documentary he was “abused every single day.”

“To walk down the street and to see people look at you in a certain way, spit at you, abuse you, come up to your face and say some of the things they said, that is difficult,” he says.

“I wasn’t eating, I wasn’t sleeping. I was a mess. I didn’t know what to do.”

He said that ultimately the game got him through it. “That was the only thing I could control, once I was on the pitch, then I felt safe,” he said.

“He was absolutely broken. He was in pieces,” Victoria says in the documentary. “He was really depressed … It pained me so much.”

Posh Says She Was ‘Pissed Off’ When David Was Photographed With Beyoncé & J-Lo

When Victoria was in labor with Brooklyn, David was famously photographed with Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, who he was filming a Pepsi ad with at the time.

“I open the paper and there is a gorgeous photo of David with J-Lo and Beyonce and the headline is, ‘What would Posh say?’”

“Let me tell you what Posh would say — Posh was pissed off!”

The Couple Speak About David’s Alleged Affair

In the documentary, David and Victoria briefly speak about his alleged affair with his former personal assistant Rebecca Loos, which allegedly happened while he was playing for Real Madrid in 2003. The couple do not confirm whether the affair actually happened, but instead talk about the impact the media coverage of the alleged affair had on their relationship.

Victoria tells the camera she was “the most unhappy I have ever been” during that period. “It was the hardest period, because it felt like the world was against us,” she says.

“Here’s the thing — we were against each other if I’m being completely honest,” she continues. “You know, up until Madrid sometimes it felt like us against everybody else but we were together, we were connected, we had each other.

“But when we were in Spain, it didn’t really feel like we had each other either. And that’s sad. I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was and how it affected me. It was a nightmare.”

David says he doesn’t know how they got through that period.

“I don’t know how we got through it in all honesty, Victoria is everything to me, to see her hurt was incredibly difficult but we’re fighters and at that time we needed to fight for each other, we needed to fight for our family and what we had was worth fighting for. But ultimately it’s our private life,” he says.

“There were some days I would wake up and I would think how am I going to go to work, how am I going to walk on to that training pitch, how am I going to look as if nothing is wrong…I felt physically sick every day when I opened my eyes.

“How am I going to do this?”

Beckham is now streaming on Netflix.

This story originally appeared on Refinery29 Australia.

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At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by us. All product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication. If you buy or click on something we link to on our site, we may earn a commission.

Uniqlo Warm Padded Quilted Jacket, £49.90

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M&S Collection Recycled Quilted Collarless Puffer Coat, £45

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