Being a choreographer – Sofya Gaydukova

Being a Choreographer. A new film about Sofya Gaydukova, a distinctive choreographer, who has been going her own path for many years, looking for different ways of developing in the world of dance. 

From the film’s creator, Alisa Aslanova:

“I had watched Sofya’s creative journey for many years, and I constantly admired her persistence, which she carried with her on the choreographer’s road – the road filled with a search of senses, language and motivation. Without looking behind on unbelief and doubts she is capable to move forward and do her job in every circumstance, on any scale. This is admirable. These observations led me to an idea to tell not about Sofya who is obvious from the first glance, but about Sofya who is profound and touching, simple in a good way, who is hidden in her own shows. 

While shooting the film we visited  the apartment of Sofya’s grandmother – legendary Sofya Golovkina, we shot in Volkovo village where Sofya searches for inspiration in nature and shared with her the premiere of her and Konstantin Matulevsky co-production – The Maiden. 

A view point to the difference between classical and contemporary dance, a struggle for her place under the sun and an attempt to realize what it means – being a choreographer… We asked Sofya about all of this.     

A film by Alisa Aslanova

Translate Ekaterina Bornovitskaya

Special thanks to Moscow Operetta Theatre.

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Olga Smirnova – SUPERNOVA – Film

We premiere a new documentary about Olga Smirnova, the Prima Ballerina with the Bolshoi Ballet. The film is dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the Ballerina’s creative journey.


Film by Alisa Aslanova

From the author of the film:

I met Olga almost at the very beginning of her creative journey. I remember, 10 years ago everyone was talking about a wonder girl from the Vaganova Ballet Academy, who came to dance in the Bolshoi Theatre. After her first show “La Bayadere” it became clear that in spite of a very young age, a unique ballerina appeared – the ballerina with her own attitude and artistic manner. This film isn’t about achievements and biography, it’s about the personality – sincere, brave, exceptionally beautiful. In my opinion, her attitude towards the profession made Olga a star. In general, her roles speak for her, roles created during these years – so natural, so unique, boundlessly honest. It’s impossible not to admire her skill to serve the ballet art, to build the multi-layered performances, to bring the profound sense into the dance and to transmit all these things through plasticity. Through all these 10 years Olga is still so full of thirst for discoveries, she looks for new ways of self-developing without losing an ability to appreciate the business of her life. For me she is a real Supernova, who is beginning to shine ever brighter on a current step of her artistic career.

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Eva Sergeenkova – The Graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy

Meet the face of our new documentary! Eva Sergeenkova is a graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. We spent with Eva one of the most important periods of her student life – the graduation year. We were lucky to capture her preparations to the state exams, her work under the guidance of the professor Marina Leonova, her performance with the Bolshoi Ballet troupe and graduation concerts. This film is more than a portrait of a young ballerina, it is an opportunity to show the inner life of one of the best Ballet Academies in the world. 

As though being stepped down from the Renaissance paintings Eva is a ballerina that represents a rare combination of endless lines and high technics, touching beauty and clear mind, natural tenderness and strong personality. Tomorrow Eva starts her new season with the Bolshoi Ballet. We wish her a bright and beautiful creative journey! 

Film by Alisa Aslanova

Editor Ekaterina Bornovitskaya

Heartfelt thanks to Marina Leonova and The Bolshoi Ballet Academy for the support in creating this film. 

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Mata Hari, the ghost woman created from legends and mysteries… Her personality is so controversial that it still intrigues people’s minds and souls. Her destiny makes us think of why her life has turned so tragically and what occasions have become the pointe of no return.

«This film is my subjective view to Matа Hari’s life. This is not a biography, but mostly an attempt to overthink a moment when the fractures have occurred, the fractures which have led to a tragedy. I think this video is a visual metaphor, and I dedicate it to everyone who is interested in exploring a case under different angles and who always sets his own opinion».

Film by Alisa Aslanova

Starring Ana Turazashvili

Jewelry Tiffany & Co.

Costume design Olga Lysova

Hair accessory design Irina Ablitsova

MUAH Dasha Agafonova

Heartfelt thanks to Ekaterina Bornovitskaya, Diana Klochko & Maxim Dolinin

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Art is the Power – La Personne New Year video

 La Personne New Year video is unusual this time. There is no place for fairy tales or shining decorations… It’s all about the people who’ve created big and small acts during this hard year, proving that even in the most complicated circumstances a person is capable of his best self expression.

Today we say thank you to everyone, who hasn’t despair and ask a question “What is the power of art?”

Happy New Year our dear audience, readers and ballet lovers.

With Love, La Personne Team!

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Spreading wings – Film about ballerina Zhanna Gubanova

Spreading wings - Film about ballerina Zhanna Gubanova

One of the most charming young ballerinas – she possesses a shining smile, beautiful high-crowned feet, very particular stage presence and extremely positive attitude towards life. La Personne happily presents a new film about Zhanna Gubanova, the first soloist with the Stanislavsky Music Theatre. With her inherent ease and humor, in a very light and sparkling manner a ballerina tells about her childhood, her journey in dance, about funny memorable and important moments onstage and behind the scenes. With profoundness she reflects about the dream parts, the difference between classical and modern ballet, the impact of art and about how great it is to love people. Welcome to the blossoming sakura garden of the ballerina’s soul where she dreams and dances spreading her wings.

Film by Stanislava Levicheva

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