9 French Tip Nail Ideas For Fall

There’s a reason why the French manicure is one of the most enduring nail art styles around: the minimal color palette and instantly-recognizable white tip are timeless and enduringly chic. However, now that autumn has arrived, a new season provides the perfect opportunity to revamp this classic trend for the months ahead. From earthy neutrals and russet reds to gleaming golds and moody metallics, a new wave of colorful French tips are dominating salons right now.

So we spoke to some of the best nail artists in the business to fill us in on the coolest colorful French tip nail ideas for autumn and how to recreate them at home.

Fiery red

Described as an excitement-inducing “sexy and sensual” shade in Pantone’s autumn/winter 2023-2024 trend report, fiery red is going to be everywhere this autumn. “It’s set to be the ‘it’ shade of the season,” agrees session manicurist Ami Streets, “and it’s so easy to translate this color into a fashion-forward nail look by incorporating it into a chic French tip.”

To get the look at home, Ami suggests Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color in Pirate, $32. “It’s a rich, classic color that will suit everyone,” says Ami. Take inspiration from Alexandra Teleki aka The Hot Blend on Instagram.

Mocha moment

The influence of this summer’s viral latte makeup trend can be seen taking hold of nail art for autumn, with coffee-inspired shades set to be some of the biggest French tip colors of the season. “Think warm, chocolatey browns and shades reminiscent of warm lattes or autumn leaves,” describes Juanita Huber-Millet, founder and creative director at Townhouse. “They complement the season’s cozy vibes and work well for both day and night looks, so it’s a very versatile color choice.” Take cue from nail artist Amy Le on Instagram. Try Manucurist Nail Polish in Chestnut, £14, for a warm, deep brown or Peacci Nail Polish in the aptly-named Latte, £10, for a milkier take on the trend.

Pumpkin orange

Halloween-inspired nail art is everywhere right now, but this nod to the holiday will work way beyond 31st October. “Deep oranges make a fun twist on the classic French tip,” says nail pro Samantha Rose, “and adding metallic accents, like a gold swirl or the stars in my Halloween nails, is perfect for this time of year.”

Like nail artist Samantha Rose, seek out orange shades with a warm terracotta base, rather than a lucid neon, to keep this feeling autumnal. Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure Nail Polish in Carrot Cake, $7.49, is perfect.

Molten silver

Metallics tend to dominate the nail art scene every year as we move towards party season, but this autumn it’s silver in particular that is proving popular when it comes to French tips. “This metallic silver shade takes its inspiration from street style right now and the move towards silver jewelry and metallic accessories,” explains Ami, like this look by Imarni on Instagram. “It’s super versatile, can be paired with any color, and adds so much interest and dimension to a manicure.”

Sephora Color Hit Mini Nail Polish in Engagement Ring, $8, provides an impressively expensive-looking, glossy metallic finish for the affordable price.

Red burgundy

If wearing a dark color all over your nails feels too bold for autumn, then a colorful French tip provides the perfect entryway to a more dramatic color palette, like these nails by Amy Le. “Most colors look great as a French tip, but in particular I love deep red hues,” explains nail artist and OPI global ambassador Iram Shelton. Think cherry cola or rich merlots rather than bright pillar-box reds for this look. To recreate this at home, Iram recommends OPI Nail Lacquer in Chick Flick Cherry, $9.85. “It’s something I’ve worn on my nails recently and I’ve never received so many compliments,” says Iram.

Alpine green

Green always emerges as a popular nail color for autumn, with shades like olive and emerald leading the pack when it comes to most-requested shades in salons. However, this slightly brighter, fresher take on green — we’re calling it alpine — has been cropping up on our feeds a lot and it’s set to take off for autumn. Just look to these nails by digital creator Lauren on Instagram. Mavala’s Nail Polish in Copenhagen, $19.99, is a lively forest green that will help you recreate this look at home.

Onyx shine

In direct contrast to the classic white of a traditional French manicure, glossy black tips are going to be huge this autumn. Take inspiration from this manicure by Sadie J Nails. “Black is a fantastic choice for those who prefer a more edgy and modern style,” says Juanita. “The color perfectly complements autumn’s darker color palette.” Opt for glossy, lacquered polishes for a really shiny finish. Essie Nail Color in Licorice, $8, is always a firm favorite among nail professionals.

Transitional tips

The palette for an autumnal take on colorful French tips is so wide and varied, that taking a mis-matched approach to the trend makes perfect sense. “I think a colorful French is the perfect transition from summer into autumn as it remains light and chic, but adds a touch of autumn/winter on the tip,” explains nail artist Jaz Moger. “Opt for burnt oranges, rich browns and deep greens, or go for a mixture of them all,” like this manicure by nail artist Franci.

Olive green

To add playfulness to your French tips for autumn, nail artist Sadie Jordan suggests looking for hues that feel slightly off-kilter and unexpected, like this yellow-tinged olive green color. “Woody browns, burnt oranges, muted teals or mustard yellows are a fun way to inject some color into your look this season,” explains Sadie.

Olive & June in WKF, $9 is an unusual sage hue that’s perfect for autumn.

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Score 20% Off This Editor-Reviewed (& Approved) Vibrator All Month Long

Time and time again, we have gone all out, trying every new sex toy that hits the market in the name of helping R29 readers find sexual pleasure — from trendy suction vibrators to classic clitoral stimulators to outlandishly crazy Love Hammas — there’s nothing we won’t try at least once. So when we learned about sexual wellness brand Hot Octopuss, we said: Bring on the octopi! Unlike its namesake, Hot Octopuss’s vibes are completely tentacle-free (so, sorry if that’s what you’re looking for!), but they impressed us thoroughly with their intense, earth-quaking orgasmic capabilities via ultra-customizable dual motors. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Hot Octopuss is discounting its best-selling G-spot vibrator, Kurve, for the sake of your pleasure. From now through October 31, exclusive code HITTHESPOT20 will take a whopping 20% off to help you make the most of your pre-holiday shopping.

If that hefty discount isn’t enough to fully convince you to add this sex toy to your cart, how about some firsthand orgasmic details? That’s right, keep reading to get an extremely in-depth review of my time with Kurve to see if this orgasmic deal is right for you — we have a tingling feeling it is.


Hot Octopuss Kurve, $99.95 $79.96

Shop all Hot Octopuss

Admittedly, I’ve been on a clitoral-sucking vibrator bender for the last few weeks, so I was nervous to try out a vibrator made to explore inside my vagina. But, never one to shy away from a challenge, I got to work and tried to turn on the Kurve to get to work. Keyword being tried. Honestly, trying to turn on this toy made me feel like a bit of an idiot. It was harder than I anticipated. I pressed what looked like the “on” button for a few seconds, and nothing happened. I tried again. Nothing. I flipped through the instruction manual, hoping for enlightenment, but the diagrams were impossible to decipher (seriously, is it so hard to add text to a manual?). After about five desperate minutes, I pulled up the Hot Octopuss website where the toy’s page explained in plain text how to get those motors running. As instructed, I held both plus buttons for two seconds, and finally, the dual motors whirred to life (please, learn from me!).

The Kurve’s claim to fame is its patented Treble and Bass dual motors, which together have five patterns and 25!!! speed modes, work in tandem to create an infinite amount of stimulation combinations for completely customizable pleasure that’s perfect for you. As I started playing around with the settings, all I felt was…a LOT. As the name suggests, the bass motor’s vibrations were deep and internal while the Treble motor felt more surface level. Combined, though, it was a unique sensation that felt much stronger than anything I was used to.

The effect on my arousal was immediate. And though I’d anticipated needing lube (like I said, it had been a while since I used an internal vibrator!), my vag had no problem accommodating the vibrator’s wide but soft, pliable head. The only issue: As I maneuvered the Kurve between my legs, my clit screamed out for stimulation. Don’t get me wrong, the combination of vibrations felt amazing. I could have probably settled in for a marathon session, just me and this toy for well over an hour, but (like most people), I didn’t have all day. And like most vagina-havers, I cannot orgasm without clitoral stimulation, and in my excitement to use a G-spot vibrator, I kind of forgot that. Luckily for me, I had a bullet charged and waiting for me. So, I just added it to the mix.

Hot Octopuss Amo, $49.95

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The Amo is a perfect bullet. I don’t say this lightly. When combined with the Kurve, I felt like I ascended to another plane. I’m usually nervous to use bullets because my clit can also be easily overstimulated from direct contact (she’s sensitive, okay?) but still needs attention to get to the finish line. However, Amo’s strategically shaped curves nestled right where they were supposed to without being too much too soon. That said, the motor is shockingly powerful for such a small thing. I turned the setting up a notch, only to turn it right back down because, honestly, I didn’t need it. The lowest vibration took my pleasure over the top, while I continued to use the Kurve internally, leading me to a heart-pounding, full-body orgasm. Talk about dual pleasure! The only downside was that my double-fisting of vibes required so much coordination it actually left me out of breath. But honestly, it was worth it. It just means I can count it as my cardio for the day, right?

All in all, these vibrators were a win, and together, they created a perfect vibrator that got my octopuss thoroughly hot (I’m sorry, I had to say it once!). Get yours while these incredible deals last!


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Latine Pop is Back — & There’s New Talent Behind Its Resurgence

Mexico’s RBD is selling out stadiums across the United States. Colombia’s Shakira is ruling the charts. And Puerto Rico’s Ricky Martin is going on a joint tour with Enrique Iglesias. Latine pop music is bouncing back. It’s not that it ever went away, but a new wave of artists are redefining the genre and pushing it into the future, much like RBD, Shakira, and Martin did in the past.

Latine pop is a long-time staple in the Spanish-language music scene. The genre thrived in the 1980s thanks to the breakthroughs of Gloria Estefan and Luis Miguel, and it dominated throughout the ‘90s with the success of Martin, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Thalia, and Paulina Rubio. These artists melded music trends in the U.S. with the sounds of their Latin American roots. Though Latine pop is still prevalent today because of artists like Becky G, Sebastián Yatra, and Camilo, it’s largely taken a back seat to genres like reggaeton, Latine trap, and now, regional Mexican music.

As part of the next wave of Latine pop artists, Mexican singer Mariangela says the 2020 quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic helped reawaken the genre. “A lot of us artists who are coming out with music found courage to explore and be authentic, and I think that’s what a lot of genres, including pop, were lacking and what we are now slowly bringing back,” she tells Refinery29 Somos. “Now everyone has their own signature sound in the genre, and I think that pop needed that fresh air.”

“Now everyone has their own signature sound in the genre, and I think that pop needed that fresh air.”


Born in Monterrey, Mexico, but raised in San Antonio, Texas, Mariangela’s music reflects her bicultural influences, which include Julieta Venegas, Soda Stereo’s Gustavo Cerati, Alejandro Sanz, New Order, and Lana Del Rey. Her songs, like “Luz Azul” and “Soñarte,” embody pop-rock punch en español. Mariangela received cosigns from two of her idols, Carla Morrison and Kany García, when she opened for their concerts in Texas.

“Both situations have been a full circle moment in my career and life,” she says. “The first cover song I ever published on social media was a song from Carla and it went viral. Fast forward two years later, I opened for her and it was a dream come true. I used to pray about moments like these.”

Just like Mariangela, singer-songwriter Gale has received major cosigns. The Puerto Rican artist started out penning songs for other pop stars like Christina Aguilera, Anitta, Cardi B, and Shakira. She especially bonded with Shakira while they were writing “Copa Vacía” together. When Gale revealed her intentions to put out her own music, Shakira gave her words of encouragement: “She told me to always follow and trust my intuition. I will always treasure this advice with my heart, especially because she’s one of my biggest inspirations in music.”

On her debut album, Lo Que No Te Dije, Gale blends together the music of Daddy Yankee, Avril Lavigne, and Britney Spears — artists she grew up on who influenced her sound. “Problemas” is angst-driven romp. “La Mitad” blends synth-pop with reggaetón beats. And in the dreamy “Nubes,” she celebrates female masturbation. Gale also speaks out against men who send unsolicited nude photos of themselves in the punk-infused “D Pic.”

“I always feel a bit scared when writing songs with that kind of message, but that’s when I know I’m on the right path because pushing our own boundaries is how we learn and grow,” she says. “I couldn’t hold myself back from writing these songs with these topics. It felt honest and true to myself.”

“I always feel a bit scared when writing songs with that kind of message, but that’s when I know I’m on the right path because pushing our own boundaries is how we learn and grow.”


Also hailing from Puerto Rico and pushing Latine pop forward is Nohemy. The Orlando-based artist cites reggaetonero Jhayco and the music she grew up with — such as RBD, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber — as her inspirations. Nohemy coproduced her breakthrough Nohaus, which is an amalgamation of house music with pop, reggaeton, and trap influences. That innovative Latine sound comes through the most in her heartbreaking banger “Perdón.”

“The sounds in ‘Nohaus’ are each definition of who I am,” she says. “EDM showcases the fun and quirky side of me. Urbano goes back to my roots and upbringing, and pop sheds a light on the soundtrack of my life. I have always seen myself as a pop star.”

But the future of Latine pop music doesn’t only rely on combining different genres, as Letón Pé is showing another side to music from the Caribbean as well. The Dominican artist is bringing back the showgirl aspect of Latine pop as a singer and fierce dancer with a musical theater background. She masterfully interprets the messages of her songs like the euphoric “Ando Animal” and the frenetic “Rojo Rubí (Rompiendo La Cadera)” through her performances. Earlier this month, she released her Rojo Rubí EP, which blends dembow-driven beats with elements of house and electronica music.

“I have always seen myself as a pop star.”


Rojo Rubí comes from the necessity of infusing and representing my roots and merging them with everything else that has characterized my influences in pop,” she says. “[I feel] like a warrior [representing the Dominican Republic]. It’s not an easy task, but it’s worth it, especially when people see us on stage.”

In Argentina, singer Emilia is following in the footsteps of the country’s pop stars like Tini and Lali. Last year, she got the green light from Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment to release “La Chain,” which interpolated the Destiny’s Child classic “Independent Women.” “That was so crazy!” she recalls. “That was a very big moment for my career.” For her upcoming second album, Emilia has continued to explore sounds from the 2000s. Inspired by Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” she embraces house music in the sultry “GTA.mp3.”

“[I feel] like a warrior [representing the Dominican Republic]. It’s not an easy task, but it’s worth it, especially when people see us on stage.”

Letón Pé

“There’s eyes on Argentina,” she says. “What is happening with the Argentine artists is very major. There’s more of us out there getting international recognition. I’m happy for my peers and myself because I know we worked very hard for this.”

Then there’s artist Yadam who is using Latine pop as a form of self-expression. The Venezuelan singer-songwriter was able to leave his country, as it faced an economic collapse, after winning a flight to France from a singing contest. Yadam has since relocated there, which has shaped his music — now a mix of Latin American soul with European influences. He worked with Aguilera’s and Adele’s producer Samuel Dixon on the flamenco-infused “Otras Mujeres.” Throughout his Belamor album, he sings about a romance between men as a proudly gay artist.

“I’m trying to bring an updated sound to the Latin scene with a theme that very few male artists have talked about, which is homosexuality,” he says. “I’m also incredibly proud of how I’ve managed to reintroduce sincere emotion into the game.”

As the children of Latine pop, these artists are queering the genre, both by blending in musical styles that are native to their homelands or are dominating the airwaves and by writing lyrics that center experiences that were previously taboo, like female sexual pleasure or queer romance.

“I’m trying to bring an updated sound to the Latin scene with a theme that very few male artists have talked about, which is homosexuality.”


Over in Mexico City, Blue Rojo grew up listening to Kabah, Belanova, and Belinda. With his debut album, Solitario, Blue Rojo explored the pain and heartache of having unrequited feelings for a straight man. He delved further into the story in “La Foto X El WhatsApp,” which put a reggaetón spin on Belanova’s electro-pop hit “Por Ti.” Blue Rojo continues to break ground for Mexico and queer artists with his contribution to the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack last year.

“If I look at the past, I know it’s been hard, but now I’m just being myself and at peace with it,” he says. “I just write freely and if someone can relate, then that’s beautiful.”

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Beware: Mars In Scorpio Will Bring An Intense Time

Take note: Mars, the planet of action, aggression, and sex, enters its home sign of Scorpio on October 12 and will remain there until November 24. When Mars swims in the water sign Scorpio, we begin to rely on our instincts as a form of guidance and protection. Our confidence will be high, allowing us to have fortitude in moments of strife, as we ride along the rapturous waves of Mars in Scorpio period and dive into the deep end.

Mars in Scorpio utilizes the intense energy to its advantage. According to Bri Luna, owner of The Hoodwitch and author of Blood Sex Magic: Everyday Magic for the Modern Mystic, this transit is “an intense time” that “inspires us to grow and motivates us to make necessary shifts that can take us to the next level of success.” This is the time to take action and to make plans about how we can make our dreams a reality. “With the right amount of dedication we can achieve anything we put our minds to,” says Luna. “Nothing and no one can stand in our way of attaining greatness, not even ourselves.”

The placement of Mars in Scorpio brings a need for success and the drive to get it. But it can also induce jealousy, manipulative behavior and cause us to act out of character: we must win at all costs. Scorpio is one of the three zodiac signs that has two planetary rulers, and we can see the energy of the other ruling planet come through. Mars is the traditional ruler and Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio — which is why this placement feels comfortable in evolving and growing. Luna notes that “nothing can hold Mars in Scorpio back from taking the lead, as it’s very productive and completes tasks swiftly and with ease.” There is a brooding energy, a force to be reckoned with.

When it comes to relationships, Mars in Scorpio is persistent. This cosmic sentiment pushes us to fight for who we love and in their defense. Loyalty is a must, since Mars takes on a ride-or-die vibe. We can expect our gut to unite us with others and to tell us to run away from the people that rub us the wrong way. Even though Mars in Scorpio is a warrior, it isn’t super talkative or chatty — so watch out for pent up aggressions to come out in frustrated arguments, followed by total silence or ghosting. Mars in Scorpio makes big declarations and follows up their statements with action, not words.

Sex activates Mars in Scorpio. Fantasies are awakened, kinks are brought to life, experimentation with sex toys is encouraged, and passions are alight in our boudoirs. Our sexual appetites will be hungry for extra lovin’ so be sure to pleasure oneself when the moment strikes and feels right.

In tarot, the Five of Cups aligns with Mars in Scorpio. It warns us to not take our blessings for granted. Even though situations seem challenging, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Perseverance and resilience are key. The card is telling us to not let setbacks prevent us from reaching our goals. The presence of the three overturned cups and the two cups right side up reminds us not to dwell and to see the positive in a bad situation.

Important dates for Mars in Scorpio:

October 12: Mars enters Scorpio, pushing us to attain our aspirations.

October 13: Mars in Scorpio harmonizes with Saturn retrograde in Pisces, urging us to use our authoritative demeanor to set boundaries.

October 28: Mars in Scorpio opposes Jupiter retrograde in Taurus (the same day as the lunar eclipse in Taurus), expanding our desires and emotions.

October 29: Mars and Mercury firm up a conjunction in Scorpio, bringing vigor to our words.

November 18: Mars and the sun unite in Scorpio, creating the “cazimi” effect. This is an empowering time to take charge of matters.

November 21: Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn link up, heightening our desires and need for change.

November 24: Mars glides into Sagittarius, taking on an adventurous attitude.

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The Runways Have Spoken — Chocolate Brown Will Be Autumn’s Biggest Colour Trend

After many seasons of dopamine dressing, a year of Viva Magenta, and a summer of Barbie pink, the colour trend pendulum is swinging back to neutrals. As we ease into autumn, fashion’s new favourite hue perfectly coincides with the falling leaves, TikTok’s latest hair colour trends, and higher demand for hot cocoa: chocolate brown.

If we are to believe this season’s biggest designers and ready-to-wear brands, brown may just be the new black. The colour has been seen all over this year’s runways, making early appearances in Autumn/Winter 2023 collections and then dominating more recent Spring/Summer 2024 shows. Take Stella McCartney’s horse girl-approved A/W ‘23 collection for example, which was influenced by the designer’s love for horse riding, and is filled with dark brown prints, bags and thigh-high riding boots. In the same season, Mithridate debuted Amelia Earhart-inspired utility looks in dark brown that can be easily dressed up or down (the matching aviator goggles are optional).

It’s not hard to see why chocolate brown is the perfect shade for autumn. During a season of transition and cosiness, the hue offers a warmth and subtlety. Though you may feel tempted to lump this trend in with the “quiet luxury” craze — especially after seeing quiet luxury influencer Sofia Richie Grainge cosigning the colour (not once, but twice) — this toffee-toned movement actually fits in with various aesthetics, whether you’re a statement-lover, minimalist, or trend-seeker (it even passes the balletcore vibe check).

From a flurry of dark brown outerwear, to lessons in monochromatic tailoring and, to perfectly muted chocolate brown dresses, it’s about time that this oft-overlooked colour is given its time in the spotlight; the runways have proven the versatility of this delectable dark tone to be truly unmatched. Want to achieve the chocolate brown look this autumn? Look no further than the chocolate brown styling tips ahead for this season — and seasons ahead.

A Chocolate Brown Coat

Forget a boring black coat — toffee-toned outerwear was a popular statement on this year’s runways. From Lanvin’s double-breasted trench, and Holzweiler’s and Paloma Wool’s cropped jackets — all for Autumn/Winter — to Acne’s buttery leather coat for Spring/Summer, this hue reigns supreme when it comes to your wardrobe’s priciest investment. Easily layerable and effectively giving off expensive vibes, this is a great option for more formal dress codes as well as day-to-day looks. For clarity, this look doesn’t actually have to be expensive, either.

Dark Brown Power Suit

According to the runways, all-brown suits are no longer reminiscent of 1970s newscasters or dusty separates from your grandma’s wardrobe. For Spring/Summer 2024, dark brown tailoring was showcased by many designers, including Ganni, Alberta Ferretti, Ahluwalia, and Burberry, and the high street has already been quick to follow. Whether you plan to wear a full two-piece for maximum impact or prefer to mix and match the blazer or trousers with denim or other neutral tones, prepare to inject some confidence into your weekday wardrobe.

Chocolate Brown Going-Out Looks

Whether you’re more of a bodycon girl or prefer a silky co-ord or a head-to-toe statement look, going dark brown for autumn and winter nights out is a great way to spice up your going-out looks. Just like your chocolate-y brown coat, an evening number in this hue screams luxury without the luxury price tag. While this sheer Diesel dress from the Spring/Summer 2024 runway is sure to turn heads, designers like Marine Serre, Fendi, and Carolina Hererra also got in on the dark brown fun with slightly less revealing numbers.

Dark Brown Accessories

If you already elevate your outfits with your morning oat milk lattes, why not accessorise with even more coffee-coloured pieces? Boots, shoes, handbags, jewellery — nothing’s off limits for that extra taste of chocolate this season. If you’re concerned that this shade of brown won’t match what’s in your existing wardrobe, just remember that there aren’t any real rules in fashion. Brown and black go together just fine, in case you still weren’t sure.

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Snail Mucin Is Controversial Among Skin Experts, But Not For The Reason You Think

If your FYP is anything like mine, it’s full of people recommending products they bought on TikTok Shop. Whether it’s a pebble ice maker, the Sol de Janeiro fragrance mists, or that unavoidable shadow work journal, it seems like every day there is a new reason to spend a little bit of money while swiping through. But the one thing I’m seeing all over my TikTok shop recommendations are products with snail mucin, aka the slippery viscose liquid that snails ooze to keep them hydrated. The hashtag #snailmucin has over 750 million views on TikTok. People who use it are hailing it as a hero ingredient, claiming it’s “better than retinol”, a saviour for those on Roaccutane, and “worth every penny” due to the ingredient’s ability to boost hydration, smooth texture, and promote collagen production.

But ​​much like every other ingredient out there, snail mucin isn’t without its naysayers. Users report hives, breakouts, and fungal acne, as well as a possible correlation between dust mite allergies, shellfish allergies, and an adverse reaction to the mucin itself. My own allergies were triggered by using snail mucin with small bumps forming on my face seemingly out of nowhere. I found myself wondering exactly why that was happening, so I reached out to beauty experts to see if we really should be taking the concept of ‘slugging’ literally.

What is snail mucin and why is it good for your skin?

Snail mucin is a slimy, sticky substance secreted by snails to protect themselves from predators and keep them moist. In skincare, it’s a powerhouse ingredient: Snail mucin is made up of glycosylated proteins (protein molecules attached to sugars) and contains polysaccharides (a naturally occurring component that helps the skin to hydrate and retain water), as well as growth factors, copper peptides, allantoin and glycolic acid — all ingredients that are moisturising and hydrating.

It’s important to note that snail mucin isn’t a new ingredient — the ancient Greeks, including Hippocrates (he’s the guy with the oath that doctors take not to cause harm), used it to try and help treat skin inflammation and heal wounds. “About six years ago, the K-beauty market revived snail mucin,” explains Dr Martin Smith, allergist, immunologist, and founder of Untoxicated Skincare. “Generally, the Korean market isn’t afraid of experimenting with new ingredients, and it soon took off. Only in the past year has it made its way to the US, after there was a surge of videos on TikTok and Instagram.” He believes that one of the reasons it has become so popular is actually because of the virality and shock value of applying snail ooze to your face, not because it is some miracle cure-all. “I have had at least a dozen patients ask me about snail mucin in the last six months. Almost all of them heard about it on TikTok,” Dr Smith shared.

The other issue with snail mucin is that many of the results you see are anecdotal, and there hasn’t been much clinical research done on the ingredient. There’s also the questionable ethics of its retrieval. Dr Sanjay Batra, co-founder of WETHRIVV and former adjunct professor at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, explains: “Snail mucin is a defensive mucus that comes when the snail is under threat — think poking it with a stick — or worse, exposing it to high G-force in a centrifuge, or even exposing the snail to heat or chemicals to force them to release the mucin.” However, dermatologist Andrea Suarez, MD, FAAD, also known as Dr Dray, who is vegan, explained in a YouTube video review of the now-viral CosRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, that the snails aren’t harmed in the process of extraction, and if the snails are being harmed it can cause changes in the mucus’ composition and eventual efficacy. Not to mention, testing cosmetics on animals in Korea is banned. Basically: Happy snails, happy life.

How does snail mucin cause allergies?

That’s the biggest question: How does snail mucin cause skin reactions and exacerbate dust mite and even shellfish allergies, exactly? “One reason I could find for this is that the protein that triggers the dust mite allergy is similar to a protein in terrestrial snails, so when our body encounters snail protein, it reacts similarly to how it would when it comes across the mite protein, triggering an allergic reaction in those sensitive to one or the other,” says cosmetic chemist Javon Ford.

Dr Smith found this information less than surprising: “Snail mucin and snails contain a pretty allergenic enzyme called tropomyosin. This enzyme is also found in other arthropods or animals with an exoskeleton, such as shellfish and the common house dust mite, that may contribute to nasal allergies.” Dust mites are microscopic little bugs that live in our bedding and mattresses. They feed off our dead skin cells and are a common cause of year-round allergies. Smith shared that studies have shown that 15% of people who are highly allergic to dust mites are also allergic to crustaceans, including shellfish and, well, snails.

The other challenge with snail mucin is that the secretion of the mollusk Cryptomphalus aspersa, or the good old garden snail, is considered a “xeno,” or foreign protein for humans. Xeno proteins can cause an allergic reaction that can be dramatic, like inflamed skin or acne. Dr Batra compares it to having a key with no lock. “Growth factors are highly species-specific. Snail (or plant) derived growth factors do not have receptors in humans, which is what they need to bind and signal cells to do all the regenerative things that marketers claim, like stimulating our fibroblasts [cells] to produce new collagen.” He explains that snail mucin might be effective due to being a part of the skin’s response to stress, rather than a coordinated regenerative and physiologic response.

Okay, but what if I’m having an allergic reaction to snail mucin?

First, recognise the symptoms of a possible reaction to snail mucin. “If you experience burning, redness, rash, dryness, or itching after using snail mucin, stop using it immediately,” recommends board-certified dermatologist Dr Naana Boakye MD, MPH, FAAD. Symptoms can occur immediately or within two weeks of regular application, so proceed with caution during those two weeks. If you mainly feel stinging and burning after the mucin touches your skin, you may be having an irritating reaction. if you have concerns about allergies or sensitivities, every expert consulted for this story recommends doing a patch test on the inside of your forearm to see if you may react to snail mucin. If you’re extra concerned, it’s always best to consult a dermatologist.

In the case you do find yourself struggling with an adverse effect from snail mucin but want similar moisturising benefits, try collagen, found in The Inkey List Collagen Peptide Serum, £12.99, or Skin Republic Collagen Hydrogel Face Sheet Mask, £6.99. Then there’s glycerin like in Then I Met You Birch Milk Refining Toner, £31, or COSRX Propolis Light Ampoule, £33.99, and hyaluronic acid, such as innisfree Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed, £26.68. The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA, £9, with hyaluronic acid and skin plumping Matrixyl 3000 and Matrixyl Synthe’6, is a more affordable alternative.

For those who want a vegan alternative to snail mucin, try phytomucin or a mucin derived from plants like the deeply moisturizing wild yam in Blithe Skincare’s Velvet Yam Pressed Serum, £30.16. Oh, and CosRX, known for its snail mucin products, has a vegan alternative in the Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence, £26.95.

I don’t want to sound like a hater — I applaud snail mucin for what it represents in beauty. It was one of the ingredients that led the introduction of K-Beauty into the American market nearly a decade ago, which was a cultural reset for our beauty industry. Korean beauty brands now known for their products with snail mucin, like CosRX, Soko Glam, and NEOGEN were my introduction to the world of K-Beauty, and to this day make alternative, yet similarly effective products that I adore. If it works for you and it doesn’t harm you, I’m not here to yuck your yum in the slightest.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

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All The Lifestyle & Wellbeing Products We Tried & Loved In September

Somehow, despite it all, time keeps moving — one minute we’re breathing in the end of the summer September breeze and then the next minute (in the words of Maisie Peters), we wake up and it’s October. With another month down, it’s time for a little peek into the shopping carts of team R29.

Last month we leaned into autumn, loving a scented candle, a sweet gingham phone case, and a charcuterie board that’s delivered right to your door. We found solace in romance novels and floral pumpkin mugs and dove deep into all things warm and whimsical. Come along to see all our editors’ favourites for the month of September.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by us. All product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication. If you buy or click on something we link to on our site, we may earn a commission.

Esther Newman, Affiliate Writer and Content ProducerPhoto: Courtesy of Esther Newman

Lush Sticky Date Shower Gel, £16

This has such a yummy, rich and indulgent scent — it’s sweet without being too cloying. Highly recommend working this into your routine as a way to add a more subtle autumnal scent to your day. The oxblood red shade only adds to the drama!

Lush Sticky Dates Shower Gel, $, available at LushPhoto: Courtesy of Lush

thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, £21

Even though the earlier, darker, autumn evenings have me in my cosy era, I still struggle to sleep (and to sleep solidly) at this time of the year. And so, inspired by my colleague’s glowing review, I decided to invest in thisworks’ best selling Sleep Spray — let me tell you, this stuff really is magic, sleepy-time, fairy dust in a bottle! I’ve been snoozing so much better in just the last few weeks after first trying, and waking up feeling more refreshed and rested.

ThisWorks this works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, $, available at thisworksPhoto: Courtesy of Thisworks

Mustard Made Shorty Locker in Blush, £139

I already have a steadily growing collection of Mustard Made locker furniture in my flat (I own The Midi which is a cabinet-cum-sideboard and The Twinny which is a double wardrobe), so naturally I needed to complete the set with a side table. Why do I love them so much? They’re easy to build and you don’t need tools or any DIY knowledge (all you need is a spare pair of hands occasionally and a screwdriver for the door handles). And so far, they’re easier to move around compared to wooden furniture, are great for storage, and they’re pretty to look at (my collection is all in this light baby pink shade, but they have a whole rainbow of colour options). A far less glamorous — but equally important — reason is that I live in a basement apartment and so have to contend with dampness (yay for old house living!). Metal furniture is far better suited to the conditions than wood and will last me so much longer.

Mustard Made The Shorty Locker in Blush, $, available at Mustard MadePhoto: Courtesy of Mustard

Alicia Lansom, Associate EditorPhoto: Courtesy of Alicia Lansom

Burga Cheerleader ER Phone Case, £39.95

We use our little screens every minute of the day, but we rarely dress them well. This pink and cherry red gingham design is giving me all the happy vibes for autumn, and actually keeps my phone well protected from the (many) drops it experiences daily.

Burga Cheerleader – iPhone XR Case, $, available at BurgaPhoto: Courtesy of Burga

Katto 8.5″ Chefs Knife, £95

I’ve been using blunt kitchen knives for over a year and I can’t do it any longer. This Japanese chef knife promises to slice my veg like butter and it’s so sleek it’s convincing me to go as The Bear for Halloween.

Katto 8.5″ Chefs Knife, $, available at KattoPhoto: Courtesy of Katto

Steamery Cirrus X Handheld Steamer, £120

Household appliances that come in aesthetic colour ways is nothing new but I can’t deny that this particular lilac shade has really caught my eye. Turning ironing and steaming from a chore into something at least visually stimulating? Yes please.

Steamery Cirrus X Handheld Steamer – Lilac, $, available at SteameryPhoto: Courtesy of Steamery

Elizabeth Gulino, Senior WriterPhoto: Courtesy of Elizabeth Gulino

Daye Nude & CBD Tampons, £7.02

I tried these CBD tampons two years ago and I’ve honestly been thinking about them ever since. At first, they were only available in the UK — but they just recently launched in the US, so we can finally get our hands on them on this side of the pond. They’re free of plastic, dyes, rayon, fragrances, and many other things that can be found in everyday tampons, and they quite literally worked magic on my cramps — I’m actually excited to get my period again so I can use them. Is it the placebo effect? Maybe, but hey, that’s better than suffering through the pain every month.

Daye Nude & CBD Tampons, $, available at DayePhoto: Courtesy of Daye

FP Movement Quilted Carryall, £68

I have seen this Free People bag quite literally everywhere — on the streets, on Pinterest, on my TikTok FYP — and I finally got my hands on it. There’s not much to say besides that it’s perfect. It’s enormous but somehow doesn’t feel like I’m lugging around a duffle bag while it’s on my shoulder. It can, and will, hold all of your belongings and more, and one of the best parts are the numerous zipper compartments so your really important stuff doesn’t get lost in the great abyss of the bag. The colors are fabulous, it can be worn as a crossbody or on your shoulder, and it looks chic as a bag for the gym or just for your daily life. I really, really can’t think of a better bag than this right now, and I’m already scheming to get my hands on another (The green colour? To die for!).

FP Movement | Free People FP Movement Quilted Carryall, $, available at Free PeoplePhoto: Courtesy of Free People

Shark Detect Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, £399

I have never been a clean freak. My clothes are usually left strewn about my room after I get ready, I leave my water glass next to my bed for a couple of days at a time, and I generally live in a chaotic state. But this Shark vacuum has turned me from indifferent to obsessive. I live in a small New York City apartment, so this vacuum needs to be stored in plain sight at the end of my bed, which means I end up using it quite often. Have a few minutes between work calls? I vacuum. Need to stand up and stretch to clear my head? I vacuum. It has picked up so much dust and hair from my rugs that I’m truly in disbelief at the power this thing holds. The auto-empty system makes it incredibly convenient — I don’t have to empty it out or clean it after every use, which I find particularly valuable, but the vacuum can also be purchased without it.

Shark Shark Detect Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, $, available at AmazonPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Hannah Rimm, Senior EditorPhoto: Courtesy of Hannah Rimm

Red, White & Royal Blue: Collector’s Edition by Casey McQuiston, £13.89

I first read this book in 2019 at the suggestion of our then-entertainment editor. She told me it had everything I could ever want — enemies-to-lovers, a secretly gay prince, a woman president with a bisexual son, an international sex scandal, and a really poignant, moving queer love story — and she was absolutely right. I read it straight through in two days, talked about it for weeks, and then let it sit on my shelf for years. So when the movie version came out a few months ago (and I watched it no less than six times), I was reminded of my deep love for Alex and Henry, and I desperately needed more. Thankfully, the author Casey McQuistion, was ready to deliver with a collector’s edition — this time with a bonus chapter written from the prince’s perspective, which was absolutely worth me running to my local Barnes & Noble to buy even though I have a perfectly good copy sitting on my shelf (sans bonus chapter, of course). The writing is beautiful and snarky, and the queer love story is everything I never knew I needed as a new adult questioning my sexuality. Red, White & Royal Blue is so much more than a love story about a president’s son falling for the Prince of England — it’s about queer joy and fear and longing and it will forever exist as one of the most important queer stories of all time.

Macmillan Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey Quiston, $, available at AmazonPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Grape & Fig British Cheese Platter, £139

I love charcuterie boards and I love hosting, but I am also relatively lazy and my artistic talent is more makeup and writing and less pretty food. Thankfully, places like Boarderie and Grape & Fig exist. Coming in various sizes and arrangements (I personally went for an all cheese board because I’m allergic to pork), Boarderie delivers you a pre-made, pre-designed, fresh and delicious charcuterie board right to your door — perfect for impressing party guests or serving as girl dinner for a week (these babies last in the fridge for 7-10 days!).

Grape & Fig The British Cheese Platter, $, available at Grape & FigPhoto: Courtesy of Grape and Fig


I am a nauseous girly — I have IBS, acid reflux, and somehow my car sickness has gotten worse with age. So when a random woman at a party told me about Reliefband, a drug-free wearable made to combat nausea and motion sickness, I thought it must be too good to be true. But after spending nearly every weekend this past month going on long car drives, I can attest — the Reliefband has changed my life. Using ultrasound gel and specific, gentle pulses, the Reliefband sends a message via the body’s neural pathways to the emetic center, the part of your brain that controls nausea, counteracting the brain’s signal to the stomach and eliminating nausea. And it truly works, not only for motion sickness, but also for anxiety nausea, sickness nausea, and I even used it to fend off hangover nausea. Rechargeable and HSA-eligible (!!), the Reliefband has become an absolute essential to my life and wellbeing.

RELIEFBAND RELIEFBAND® SPORT, $, available at RELIEFBANDPhoto: Courtesy of Reliefband

Kelly Washington, Social EditorPhoto: Courtesy of Kelly Washington

& Other Stories Punk Bouquet Candle, £23

They’ve only gone and done it again. & other stories scents never miss. For autumn, their new range includes my favourite, Punk Bouquet, scented with notes of vanilla, tiger orchid and lotus flower, as well as their Taschisme Pepper Scented Candle. Light one of these, set some mood lighting and curl up with a good read, it’s Rory Gilmore season and & other stories does it better than most.

& Other Stories Punk Bouquet Scented Candle, $, available at & Other StoriesPhoto: Courtesy of & Other Stories

Lululemon Merino Wool-Blend Ribbed Crewneck Sweater, £118

I’ve been on the hunt for a WFH jumper that is 1) comfy, 2) breathable 3) looks good, which is a lot harder than you’d think. Everything I have is either an ex-boyfriend’s hoodie (ew) or creases when I sit at my desk (who irons in 2023?). Lululemon has created a piece with the triple threat, and I can’t take it off. This soft, lightweight jumper is designed for when you’re on the move (in my case running to the post office on my lunch) and is naturally thermoregulating. If I run into anyone on my lunch break errands, at least I won’t be in my ex-boyfriend’s hoodie.

Lululemon Merino Wool-Blend Ribbed Crewneck Sweater, $, available at LululemonPhoto: Courtesy of Lululemon

Kristine Romano, Associate Editor Photo & DesignPhoto: Courtesy of Kristine Romano

Murdle #1 Murder Mystery Puzzles, £14.99 £14.24

If you like logic puzzles and murder mysteries, Murdle combines the two in an addictive book that will have you feeling like the most clever detective. Much like Wordle, new puzzles are available to solve online daily (and of course, for free) but I personally prefer working through them in something physical — not least because it keeps me off my phone.

Profile Books Murdle by G.T Karber, $, available at bookshop.orgPhoto: Courtesy of Bookshop

Arket Stoneware Cups Set of 2, £19

I’m a sucker for Arket homeware and already have the plates from this collection. So naturally I have my eye on the mugs (and maybe bowls too). I just love the blue splatter, and there’s nothing quite like fun homeware to make your morning cuppa or WFH lunch that little bit more exciting.

Arket Stoneware Cups Set of 2, $, available at ArketPhoto: Courtesy of Arket

Baggu Sunset Quilt Stripe Hand Towels, £39

We’ve been needing to replace our towels for quite some time and this one from Baggu’s new launch has me all kinds of excited. You simply can’t go wrong with a classic stripe and in this colour combo? I’m sold.

Baggu Baggu Sunset Quilt Stripe Hand Towels, $, available at The Mercantile LondonPhoto: Courtesy of Baggu

Frances Solá-Santiago, Fashion WriterPhoto: Courtesy of Frances Sola-Santiago

Antizen LED Flameless Candles, £45.14

Ever feel like you want to have a candlelit dinner at home but you are afraid to burn down the apartment? Welcome to the club. I recently bought these flameless candles from Amazon that are both beautiful decor and incredibly practical (and safe!). They’re remote-controlled and can be used in both light and candle mode. Just in time for cosying up by the TV.

Antizen LED Flameless Candles, $, available at AmazonPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Anthropologie Floral Pumpkin Mug, £14

One of my favourite autumn activities is simply drinking my coffee in the mornings while cosying up with a good book and a blanket. Of course, the mug is essential to this fantasy. While I typically shy away from colour (yes, both in fashion and my home), the pumpkin shape in this mug called for nothing other than orange. It’s super roomy to hold all the caffeine I need for a productive day.

Anthropologie Floral Pumpkin Mug, $, available at AnthropologiePhoto: Courtesy of Anthropologie

Megan Decker, Beauty EditorPhoto: Courtesy of Megan Decker

Glossy: Ambition, Beauty, and the Inside Story of Emily Weiss’s Glossier by Marisa Meltzer, £17.47

Friends, colleagues, editors, stylists, writers, everyone is recommending Glossy by Melissa Meltzer. You don’t have to be a Glossier fan or even a heavy beauty consumer to enjoy it. Although, if you do know Glossier — better still, if you’re an original Into The Gloss reader — you’ll have more familiarity with the niche insider-y references (Camp Glossier, anyone?). Meltzer’s storytelling is juicy and entertaining either way. It opens with an honest profile on the deliberately-mysterious Emily Weiss and turns into a master class on branding, marketing, and scaling a business into an empire of sorts in less than a decade. As many others have noted, this is one of the first books of its kind that tells a detailed and nuanced story of a female founder and business leader and her largely-female customer base. I hope there’s more to come.

Atria Books Glossy by Marisa Meltzer, $, available at AmazonPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Sadhbh O’Sullivan, Health & Living EditorPhoto: Courtesy of Sadhbh O’Sullivan

KONG Teething Toy, £7.58

My puppy is three and a half months old and I love her deeply. She is also a baby and therefore an absolute terror a lot of the time. I appreciate anything that can keep her occupied for more than 30 seconds when she’s awake and a KONG, filled with peanut butter or liver paste and frozen, is a godsend. Let me tell you, there’s a good reason why it has over 14,500 positive reviews.

KONG KONG Puppy Teething Toy, $, available at AmazonPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Doppelganger by Naomi Klein, £25 £21.99

I’ve long been a fan of Naomi Klein’s books and her latest — a deep dive into how the woman she is often mistaken for has become a loud proponent of conspiracy theories — was the most absorbing, compelling yet. While this is a book about Naomi Wolf (the author of The Beauty Myth turned conspiracy theorist), it is also about how the internet and our current crises can compel people from both ends of the political spectrum towards conspiracy and what, if anything, we can do to stop it.

Penguin Books Doppelganger by Naomi Klein, $, available at FoylesPhoto: Courtesy of Foyles

Katto The Skillet, £120

A great skillet is a kitchen essential but not the easiest to find. Thankfully, Katto in the UK produces beautifully forged pans that are handmade, long lasting and (while an investment) not unbearably expensive. I have had it for only a couple of weeks and loved cooking with it every time. (A good alternative is the Le Creuset which has the bonus of really fun colourways, and if you want to be brighter in the UK the Our Place x Grind collaboration is a particularly fetching pink).

Katto The Skillet, $, available at KattoPhoto: Courtesy of Katto

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The Rise & Fall Of The Eyeshadow Palette

We seem to be drowning in excess more than ever: too much content, too many TikTok trends, too many things. For beauty in particular, it’s become apparent that the age of indulgence (likely sparked by the early stages of YouTube hauls) may be quietly sunsetting itself.

Frequent “What I’m not gonna buy” posts in the infamous r/BeautyGuruChatter subreddit are an indicator of which beauty products people are choosing to leave on the shelves, for example, while a new era of de-influencing pulls back the curtain on viral products that influencers claim have changed their life (that day).

If social media is anything to go by, the once-beloved makeup palette appears to have taken the biggest hit in our era of beauty fatigue. TikTokers often film themselves throwing out dozens of expired palettes they have barely touched, while eyeshadow palettes often feature in influencer Maddie Peed’s popular TikTok series, “Makeup brands I’m 99.9% sure nobody uses anymore.”

But it wasn’t always this way. There was a time when the palette was the beauty industry’s version of the latest It bag. Just like the Dyson Airwrap today, makeup palettes like Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar, Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario became status symbols in their own right. It was a serious flex to own a little slice of a viral brand beloved by celebrities and makeup artists alike. To that end, we demanded more and more from beauty brands — and they responded tenfold.

But it feels as though change is in the air. We’re eight months into 2023, and while there have been hundreds of shiny new beauty product launches, it has been pretty quiet on the makeup palette front. In January, Morphe Beauty — a brand that was leading the charge in palettes — revealed they would be closing all of their US stores. There was also the uproar when brands discontinued beloved palettes — we all know where we were when we found out the Urban Decay Naked palette would be laid to rest. Brands that used to pride themselves on Instagram-worthy colour combinations and innovative finishes are moving on to multi-use sticks and do-all balms, and it feels like the palette launches we have seen aren’t sparking any fires when it comes to palette choices, themes, or even formulas. The same old, same old, isn’t quite doing it for us anymore. So, is this the beginning of the end of the once-cherished makeup palette? What exactly is missing from the pan?

Makeup palettes are wasteful — period

Many beauty enthusiasts are coming to realise that they may never get through all of the palettes they have bought in recent years. In a Reddit thread titled ‘Has the eyeshadow palette craze died down?’, posters hint at feeling overwhelmed by the countless makeup palettes that flooded the market in the late 2010s #shelfie era. A lot of people are still trying to get through the Urban Decay Naked Palettes they bought years ago, says one Redditor, who suggests the market is highly saturated. In the same thread, another Redditor admits that from 2020 to 2021, they threw away 35 expired eyeshadow palettes bought between 2017 and 2019. It’s little wonder, then, that many makeup enthusiasts who collected these palettes now have buyer’s remorse.

Green Circle data suggests the North American beauty industry contributes 877 pounds of waste to landfills every minute, and the British Beauty Council estimates that 95% of cosmetic packaging is thrown away. While those numbers aren’t specific to makeup palettes, it’s time to say the quiet part out loud: they are inherently wasteful. It’s a nice idea to think we’re all sitting around breaking down our palettes piece by piece, but let’s be real. Depending on what your palette is made of, the packaging can be hard to recycle, mainly due to the many individual components. Magnets and mirrors need to be recycled separately. Environmental charity Earth Day warns that anything smaller than a credit card is too small to be recycled. This, then, disqualifies the multiple, individual pans inside most eyeshadow and face palettes on the market currently.

Happily, thanks to companies like TerraCycle and MAC, it’s now easier for consumers to drop off their empties in stores. Eyeshadow compacts, for example, are accepted on the Maybelline Makeup Recycling Programme, as are clean, empty compacts at MAC. The brand claims that anything that cannot be recycled is turned into energy. Certainly, beauty brands are making big strides in sustainability, but the anti-waste movement is making an even bigger noise.

Aleena Khan, co-founder of CTZN Cosmetics, says, “With our generation’s heightened awareness of the negative environmental impacts of overconsumption, brands are being held accountable for creating and gifting excessive products that are deemed unnecessary or would never be used by a recipient.” This has changed the way we shop, says Meg Lim, Credo Beauty’s senior colour merchant. “Customers are now more focused on sustainability than ever before, and don’t need a whole range of colours to achieve the look they like or a palette with shades they may not want,” she says. Makeup palettes can certainly feel excessive given that it’s unlikely you’ll use every single shade provided equally — or even at all.

The cost of living crisis has forced us to rethink what we spend our money on, too. Risking £50 on a palette only to use one shade is no longer feasible or realistic. As well as this, makeup enthusiasts report feeling cheated into buying palettes that repeat shades from previous launches. Brands whose new palettes sold out in record time three years ago now seem to receive the heaviest critiques online, such as Pat McGrath Labs and Charlotte Tilbury.

Is the makeup palette dead?

Jess Varney, head of consumer products at global beauty manufacturer, Atelier, believes the beginning of the end of the makeup palette can be pinpointed to the launch of Glossier in 2014. The brand’s mantra — “skin first, makeup second” — was a far cry from the unrealistic glamor that the beauty industry had thrust onto consumers. Suddenly, easy, minimal looks usurped the intricate, airbrushed makeup that previously dominated social media feeds.

The pandemic has also changed our outlook on makeup. Data from a 2022 study showed a significant decline in the use of makeup compared with pre-pandemic levels. In a similar vein, makeup sales decreased from 2019 to 2022. Sophie Shab, a makeup artist best known as Trendmood on Instagram, hints that the slowness of the pandemic may have reignited the natural makeup trend. Now, we tend to “favour products that are quick to apply and lend a natural, radiant look,” says Shab. It makes sense: When plans were canceled and we were forced to spend more time at home, many of us simply weren’t fashioning architectural cut creases with ombré effects. “Most of us have simplified our looks, especially during the pandemic,” wrote one Redditor in the aforementioned thread on how maximalist palettes are falling out of favour. Another suggested that skincare and base products are more likely purchases versus makeup palettes, simply due to how the pandemic impacted makeup usage.

It could be argued that the pandemic killed the “I want it to say I have it” energy, too. A lot of people lost their jobs, others were furloughed for indeterminate amounts of time, making saving money more of a priority than ever before. And of course, we weren’t exactly going anywhere, so we didn’t need to flex to our friends quite as much — it became kind of gauche. It wasn’t long ago that brands like Urban Decay and Too Faced would launch one limited-edition eyeshadow palette for the holiday season. It would create such a buzz and sell out immediately, prompting beauty lovers to stalk eBay and reselling websites to try and get one.

Following the minimal beauty trend, multi-use makeup sticks that make it easy to swipe and blend without worrying about how steady your hand is or which brushes to use (not to mention when to wash them) have soared in popularity. Doubling up as eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and more, you get all the benefits from a palette, and then some.

Clinique Chubby Sticks have been a staple in the makeup bags of beauty editors for years, while Nudestix’s burgeoning collection is adored by makeup artists and celebrities like Sofia Richie. But as with most makeup trends these days, the TikTok beauty community has propelled the multi-use makeup stick to new heights. ILIA Multi-Stick, Charlotte Tilbury Easy Lip & Cheek Wand, and Milk Makeup Lip and Cheek Tint are just a handful of multi-use makeup products with viral TikTok status. “I’m a fan of anything that allows for ease and practicality, without feeling intimidated, or that you have to have a level of makeup expertise to partake in a fun product,” says Khan.

On one hand, our current obsession with “quiet luxury” — a new age of minimalism — is fuelling the trend for subtle makeup and effortless, multi-purpose products such as these. “It’s self-expression through subtlety, as excess and ostentation seen in the 2010s takes a back seat,” says Varney. But if social media is anything to go by, we’re simultaneously heading back to the ‘90s era of imperfect, messy, smudged makeup, and multi-purpose makeup sticks can help achieve that look easily, too. Tayaba Jafri, global beauty director at Laura Mercier, explains that the texture is why makeup products like these are so hot right now. “The ease of use is the biggest benefit,” she says. “When you can just swipe, blend, and go, it feels more achievable for those who are less ambitious with makeup.”

Space is an issue, too. While makeup palettes are fun and beautiful, they’re often not conducive as we transition to a more remote, on-the-go lifestyle. “Now that we’re all out and about, where does that palette fit in?” asks Sarah Brown, executive director of Violet Grey‘s Violet Lab. “You want something you can throw in your bag and touch up as you go.” When our living areas are becoming smaller and storage is few and far between, one Redditor asks, “How are some of you storing your 30+ eyeshadow palettes?”

Angela Neal, senior director of product innovation for Victoria Beckham Beauty, swears by eyeshadow sticks. “The wear insurance you get with a shadow stick versus a traditional powder palette is unmatched,” she says. Most users apply the stick directly on their eyelids and use their fingers to smudge out the shadow up toward the brow bone or clean out for a wing effect. One pro tip is to apply the shadow stick to your finger, then dab it onto your eyelids from there — your finger warms up to the product and helps with ease of application.

So, have we reached peak palette? Not everyone agrees. Shab points out that the limited edition Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork IV Transcendence Palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Cosmos Eyeshadow Palette, have proven to be incredibly popular among her Instagram followers. Varney concurs that palettes still hold a place in the hearts of makeup enthusiasts who cherish the artistry and possibilities they offer, but going forward, it’s all about customisation. “Eyeshadow palettes are no longer seen as the ultimate status symbol and instead, consumers seek purposeful curation, versatility, and innovative formulas that align with their desire for a streamlined and mindful beauty routine,” she says. Brands like Half Magic and Colourpop allow shoppers to select their own preferred shades to make a palette that’s entirely their own.

Listen, it’s okay if you haven’t touched your makeup palette in months — you’re not alone. It’s also okay to hold onto one solely because you like exactly three out of 15 — whatever works for you. But if you should ever find yourself wishing you could get the time back you spent cleaning your multiple eyeshadow brushes, maybe it’s time to put them down and get to smudging.

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Take one scroll through your feed right now and it’s likely you’ll land on an aesthetically pleasing autumnal hair video. In true Christian Girl Autumn style, the transformation clips feature hues ranging from deep burgundy to pumpkin spice, with many citing their love of roaring fireplaces, books and Gilmore Girls as the inspiration behind them. Among the myriad warm tones, one seasonal shade caught my attention more than any other.

Enter: autumn orange.

What is the autumn orange hair colour?

Sitting somewhere between American actress Sadie Sink and Batman‘s Poison Ivy, the shade was made for people who want to frolic through the leaves — and look good doing it. But what makes autumn orange so different from its red colour kin, such as this season’s trendy cowgirl copper, ‘squeezy honey’ auburn, and burnt copper?

“When someone says an autumn orange, I think of those really warm orangey tones,” explains Kornelija Cecetaite, junior stylist at BLEACH London. “It’s more a kind of rustic orange, as opposed to a bright colour.” With that in mind, I booked into BLEACH’s Dalston salon to undergo a blonde to autumn orange overhaul.

I had little knowledge of what the process would be like, what the upkeep would require or how to take care of the hair at home. Thankfully, Cecetaite answered all of my pressing hair transformation questions over the course of my appointment, providing vital information about what it really means to commit to autumn orange this season.

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How do you make your hair autumn orange?

Cecetaite pushes the importance of bringing a good reference photo to your hair appointment to establish whether your desired shade should be more orange or more brown, depending on your skin tone. Once the ideal colour is established, you can discuss whether permanent or semi-permanent colour is best. This all depends on the base colour and the maintenance level that suits your lifestyle.

As I was working from bleached blonde highlights, we wanted something that would blend easily as my natural dark roots grow out. We settled on a semi-permanent autumn orange colour using a Wella toner (this will vary between salons). After applying that all over the head, the colour was left on for 20 minutes before being washed out with a mix of BLEACH London’s Tangerine Dream, £6.50, and Proper Copper, £6.50, hair dyes mixed with conditioner.

From there, a hair mask was applied to the mid-lengths and ends to add a gloss effect to the hair, making the colours pop. Then we chopped in some face-framing layers.

Does autumn orange work on light and dark hair?

Choosing the colour you want using photos is a good jumping-off point but the final shade will always depend on whether you are starting from light or dark hair. “Bleached hair acts like a blank canvas,” explains Cecetaite. “When you’re going from dark, while it is also a blank canvas, you have to go about it in a different way.”

When it comes to dark hair, Cecetaite says that while you can get a really nice copper hue, sometimes it won’t be as vibrant. “The colour will always have a little bit of depth because you’re essentially working with the natural colour of someone’s hair as opposed to bleaching it, which is stripping that out of the hair,” she says.

In short? It’s good to establish just how bright an orange you want before the appointment so that your colourist can establish whether the hair will need to be bleached before adding colour.

How long does autumn orange hair last?

If you want your autumn orange to last long beyond the season itself, there are a few things to bear in mind. “Typically, when it comes to a tint, you’ll find that the first thing that will fade is the orange-ness,” explains Cecetaite. “Because the shade is a mixture of brown and orange, it’s always the lightest colour in the mixture that will fade first, so it will still stay a copper colour but not as bright.”

Although Cecetaite says the colour could start to fade from one month onwards, there are plenty of things you can do to help it last longer, like keeping hair washing to a minimum. “If you don’t wash your hair as often, then you won’t have to top it up as much,” explains Cecetaite. Her suggestion? Building up your hair tolerance incrementally.

It can sound like a lie when people say they “trained their hair” to go further between washes but Cecetaite says it is possible. Given that I typically wash my hair every three days, she recommended that I try switching to every four days for a week, then back to three, then back again to four and so on, until there isn’t any difference between my three- and four-day hair.

From there, you can continue upping the days between washes, with the goal of washing your hair once a week for maximum colour protection. Cecetaite also suggests using a heat-defence spray when blow-drying or straightening, for example, as heat styling can lighten the colour of the hair, too.

How do you maintain autumn orange hair?

All hair colour fades eventually, but maintaining brighter colours requires a bit more than your average refresh. “When the hair is bleached, you will find that it will fade off significantly quicker because the dye doesn’t have much pigment to hold onto,” explains Cecetaite. “This means if your base is blonde, you will likely have to redo the whole dye again, not just top it with a bit more orange or brown depending on which pigment has obviously faded. The best thing you can do is let it all fade off and then do the whole thing again,” she says.

If you want to keep up the colour as you go, another option involves mixing the dye in with your conditioner. “Every time you shampoo your hair, whatever fades off you can top up by leaving the dye and conditioner mix on for a few minutes.”

For the at-home top-ups, Cecetaite recommended that I try half and half of BLEACH’s Tangerine Dream and Proper Copper. Other good hair dyes include Crazy Color, Adore and Directions.

The main thing to remember about looking after dyed hair is that the products you use matter. “It’s true when people say a colour-saving shampoo will make the colour last longer,” says Cecetaite. In order to prevent the colour fading too much, it’s essential to use products formulated for colour-treated hair. Josh Wood Colour Miracle Shampoo, £15, and Nexxus Colour Assure Shampoo, £16.99, are both great options due to their nourishing, non-stripping ingredients.

Cecetaite recommends forgoing conditioner entirely in favour of a nourishing hair mask. Using this in the shower will work to hydrate the hair while a quenching hair oil like BLEACH Hair Elixir, £6, is great for adding extra smoothness and shine.

How hard is it to change your hair colour after autumn orange?

Autumn orange may be one of the colours of the moment but it’s always good to think ahead, especially if you switch up your hair often. One of the major things that will affect how easily the colour can be changed is how often the dye job has been topped up along the way.

Cecetaite explains that if you add colour in your conditioner every time you shower, this will create more buildup on the hair that you will eventually have to get rid of. If you let the colour fade gradually before redyeing completely, there will be fewer layers of colour on the hair, making it easier to work with further down the line.

In my case, Cecetaite said that getting back to blonde is possible as long as I’m happy with the hair being a warmer tone than before. “With bleached hair, it might end up being a bit more orangey or peach before you can get yourself back to blonde but I feel like that’s quite fun. There is a nice variation between shades.”

In other words, the colour process is a journey but I, for one, am more than happy to enjoy the ride.

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